Nation's Top PG Returns; Eyes List Cut

After taking what looks to be his final official visit of one of the most memorable recruiting processes in recent memory, Raleigh's own John Wall appears to be ready to move forward and cut his list down.

"I had a good time [on the Miami visit]", said John Wall. "I got to hang out with the teams, see a baseball game, and tour the campus. The usual stuff you do on a visit."

A visit to the Hurricanes certainly seemed to surprise many analysts, but Wall says Frank Haith's program didn't waste their efforts in getting him down to South Beach.

"I am definitely considering them right now. They have a lot of good things going for them."

As for the remaining programs on his ever fluid list of top suitors, Wall says he's going to be breaking some hearts this week if all goes to plan.

"I'm going to sit down this week and really talk it out. I think I will have it down to two or three schools by the end of the week. After that I can concentrate just on those schools and make a decision I'm comfortable with."

When questioned on what factors are going to go into his decision - both in cutting his list down and beyond, Wall says he's still forming decision making criteria in hopes of being able to apply them soon.

"There's just a lot to think about, really. Do I want to leave home for a year? I mean you can't control where you get drafted, so this would be my last year at home. Which coaches do I fit well with? Which teams? How do I like the campus? That kind of thing. There's just a lot to think about."

Over the next few days he'll attempt to, at least, answer those questions in part. After that, it'll be the home stretch.

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