Duke Makes the Cut For Big Time TE

A few weeks ago Blake Barker started to narrow down his list of schools a bit and declared a top eight and it looks like he is continuing to narrow the field in his mind as on Monday night he talked to Scout.com about the schools he's really focused on.

Blake Barker, a 6-foot-6, 235-pound tight end from Buckingham Browne Nichols School in Cambridge, Mass., talked to us tonight about which programs he is really spending the most time thinking about right now.

"I'm focusing mostly on Boston College, Stanford, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Duke right now," Barker said. "Virginia and Boston College actually had coaches up at my lacrosse practice today (Monday), so I talked to them for a bit while they were up here."

"The schools that I'm looking at are all academically very sound and I also want to be around kids that have the same type of motivation as me in terms of being serious about both school and football."

Barker is still talking with his coach about where and when he'll visit this summer.

"I'll be going back to Stanford in June or July some time and I might go visit Virginia and/or Florida again as well," Barker stated. "I'm not really sure on all of that yet, but that's what I've been thinking about."

"I think I'll have my decision done this summer just to get it out of the way so I can focus on my teams' season because we won the state championship last year and I want to do that again," Barker explained. "It's just been really hectic with all of this and I don't want that over my head during the season when I'm trying to help my team."

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