5 Star Power Forward Hearing From Duke

In the world of revolving doors and high major coaching changes, there are casualties. Over the last few months such a change caused class of 2010 five star combo forward Dominique Ferguson to re-open his recruitment. The 6'8 forward says he's hearing from Duke as a result. He spoke with TDD at the annual Gibbons' Tournament of Champions.

After de-committing from Kentucky upon the school's recent coaching change, Indianapolis (IN) Lawrence North standout Dominique Ferguson has begun to hear from a number of schools - including the Blue Devils. And, while Duke has not yet stepped up with an offer, there are plenty of programs who have charged forward in that area.

"The main [schools who have offered] are Arizona, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Providence, and Kentucky," said Ferguson. "There are a lot more, but I just can't remember all of them. There are also a lot of schools who have high interest."

Of course re-visiting the recruiting process wasn't originally in the cards for the talented prospect, but the firing of Billy Gillespie apparently was the tipping point.

"It's a new coach, and I don't know him as well. I wanted to take advantage of things and look around because of that. I don't know too much about the new Kentucky coach, and I wanted other schools to know that I am open to hearing from them."

Mike Krzyzewski's program is one that has decided to take a first look at Ferguson's second time through the process. Albeit a bit later than the other programs who are rekindling their interest instead of establishing it.

"It's not a big deal that Duke got involved later on. Just the fact that I know they wanted to be involved is good. I think Duke is a lot like the other schools who weren't really sure about the rumors that I had de-committed, and so they just kind of held back. Now that they know I am open, they are getting involved."

And while the coaches are learning about Ferguson, he's also learning about Duke. Although he appears to know a good deal about the Durham program on his own.

"I've watched Duke play for a long, long time - ever since they had Shane Battier playing for them. When I committed so early, I never thought a school like Duke would want to recruit me. Now that they have, I'm definitely open to the idea. I mean, it's Duke."

With assistant coach Nate James heading up the process for Ferguson, Duke appears to in the running with several other programs. Of course, don't expect another early commitment from this talented prospect.

"I'm going to try to take some visits in June to various schools - Ohio State, Arizona, Texas, and UCLA. The most important thing in my decision is finding a coach who is committed to helping me get to the NBA. I don't want to play for a coach who says he is [committed], but at the same time tells you to just help out the team. I think there's a balance of both out there. I want someone who is trustworthy."

"I'm going to take my time and learn the coaches well, and find out how I fit in with their team(s) and how they are going to help me realize my dream of playing in the NBA."

Interview conducted by Steve Clark

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