Dual Sport Star Says Duke's On Top

How does a player who has yet to play a season of high school football receive scholarships from the likes of Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, MSU, and Maryland?

"They have just been coming by the school and watching me play this spring," added Demarco Cox. "I actually played in the spring of my freshman and sophomore years. They have been watching me play for a while, but all of them have seen me on the hard court a bunch."

The 6' 8", 300 pound athlete out of Yazoo City is one of the state's top overall prospects in basketball as he averaged 15 points and 8 rebounds last year.

"I have been offered by Alabama, Ole Miss, and Providence in basketball. I am waiting to see if Arkansas is going to offer me. North Carolina State has offered me too."

What does he do best on the hard court while manning the center position?

"I like to post people up, turn around, and dunk on people. I am too strong for most of those guys."

Demarco uses that strength and athleticism on the football field.

"I can run block well on running plays. The college scouts tell me I am really athletic for a guy my size."

How did Spring football go?

"We played good. We worked our butt off out there for two weeks before the rain came in. That messed everything up. But everything went good before the rain came."

Why did Demarco play in the spring the last two years and not in the regular season?

"I decided to concentrate on basketball, but this is my last year, so I am going to play both sports this year. I use to come to a lot of our games because Fletcher Cox played. That's my cousin. I noticed they did not have any good linemen, so I wanted to get out there this year and help those guys out on both sides of the ball. I have a lot of basketball scholarships, so I am trying to get some more football scholarships. Right now, I have offers from MSU, Ole Miss, USM, La Tech, Alabama, Arkansas, and Maryland in football, but I want some more."

In the ideal world, what would happen with Cox on the collegiate level?

"My first year in college, I am trying to concentrate on basketball. I just want to see how everything works out in basketball. If I play four years and do not get drafted, I will have one year of eligibility to play football."

Are any colleges talking to Demarco about playing both sports?

"Nobody but really Alabama. Ole Miss offered me in both sports. Arkansas is getting close too. They offered me in football, and I am waiting on my basketball scholarship. But Alabama is the only one talking to me about playing both."

And Demarco does not want to play both sports?

"I think I have a chance too, but I really want to concentrate on basketball."

Who are Cox's top schools, regardless of sport?

"Really, it is Duke, then Alabama, and then Providence. I also have Arkansas and Ole Miss up there."

Why is Duke so high on the pecking order?

"They are one of my top schools in basketball. I talk to all of their coaches all of the time in basketball. They are really good. They have been talking really good. I have also been talking to some of their football coaches too. It is just a great school. I am waiting to see if they are going to offer me in basketball or not."

And Alabama?

"I went to their school for a visit recently. They were telling me about their program and how it is going to be (in hoops). I am going to watch them this year to see if it is really like they are saying it is going to be. If it is, it will probably be between Duke and Alabama."

What about the Hawgs?

"I do not know too much about them, but I did go up there for a tournament. All of the schools I am talking to have offered me a full scholarship but Arkansas and Duke. Arkansas wants me to come in for a visit to check things out before they offer me in basketball. Coach Petrino called me recently and offered me a full ride in football. They liked what they saw in spring practice."

What is going on with Providence?

"I do not know anything about their campus, but I have talked to their coaches, and he told me how everything works up there. He told me what kind of team they have this year, and how interested he is in me because he saw me play. He wants me to come up there for a visit to see it for myself."

What is going on with Ole Miss?

"I have been to Ole Miss before for their (bball) Elite Camp, but I did not get talk to them about playing football, really just basketball. I have not talked to too many people about playing football, to be honest. They did send an assistant to our school to see me in football this spring. They offered me a full scholarship. Coach Nix use to come down here to watch Fletcher Cox play, and that is when he first noticed me. Their basketball coaches offered me a full scholarship a couple of weeks ago too. Their (bball) coaches are real cool. They just want you to work hard off and on the court. They don't play around over there."

Mississippi State signed Demarco's cousin, Fletcher Cox. Why no MSU on the favorite list?

"Because I do not want to be anywhere around Fletcher in college. That's my cousin and all, but he plays too much (laugh). I do not want to be at the same school as him. That would be trouble (laugh). I just want to play against him, if I decide to play football and sign with another SEC team. We have always wanted to go against each other. It is more fun that way."

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