Third Plumlee Brother Taking His Time

With his two older brothers already on the roster in Durham for the 2009-2010 season, there's natural speculation that the third Plumlee brother, Marshall, will follow suit and become a Blue Devil. However, for that to happen the Duke coaching staff will need fend off several high major programs.

One such program, Indiana, has made a major push for Arden (N.C.) Christ School power forward Marshall Plumlee of late.

"Coach Crean is a great guy with strong values. He really builds a team not so much around talent, but around character," said Plumlee. "There's a lot of potential up there within the next couple of years."

Being just a rising junior, Plumlee has a good amount of time before he has to make even a preliminary decision regarding his recruiting process. As such, when asked about interest levels in schools such as Indiana, the 6-foot-11 big forward is guarded and non-committal.

"I don't want to make a generalization [about interest levels in various schools] right now. That'd be unfair to them and to me. I think highly of [several schools] at this point."

And several schools are returning the favor - clearly thinking highly of Plumlee, who appears to be working hard to improve his game each time out.

"In my workouts I really work on my post game, but I also do a lot of ball handling and other stuff. It's so important to work on everything you know. When I work on my gameI don't work all the time on just scoring inside. I try to focus on taking what's open and being a good teammate."

One element of being a "good teammate" that most coaches look for is how a high major talent communicates on the court with his teammates. At the annual Gibbons TOC, Plumlee seemed to take a certain amount of pride in the way he controlled the floor from the post.

"I've tried to work on [communication] a lot. I've played on some teams where teammates communicate really well, and I think that's a great thing. It really brings your team defense and offense to a whole new level. It's great when you have everyone's perspective, and you are all on the same page on both ends."

Returning to the recruiting front, and the inevitable Duke related talk, Plumlee has had a better look than most recruits at the new facilities, and improvements the Blue Devil program has made in recent years.

"I'm really jealous of Miles and Mason. They have one of the best facilities I've ever seen. It's definitely a blessing to have all that's here -- all you need to work on your game every day."

And what is Marshall looking for in terms of a coaching staff at the next level?

"I could care less if the coach is reserved or up in your face. It's moreso about the kind of offense they run. Do they share the same values that I do? And how do they express those values? I'm willing to adjust to a system style, but I am really looking for a structured environment.

Interview conducted by Steve Clark

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