Miller Impresses As Duke Coaches Look On

Another day, another chance for Coach K and staff to watch top 2011 target Quincy Miller. The 6-foot-8 forward from Quality Education Academy is getting used to having the Blue Devils in the crowd during his games.

He played well on both ends of the floor in a loss to the Texas Bluechips. Miller blocked a handful of shots, rebounded well and scored both inside and out. In a nutshell, that's his game.

Miller is a vocal leader and pilots his team on the defensive end. He sat in the middle of the zone and barked out defensive reminders to his teammates. Always encouraging and positive, Miller plays the part of a composed prospect quite well. He's coming out of his shell and demonstrating the qualities that players that suit up in Cameron Indoor display.

The Blue Devils have offered Miller a scholarship and are doing their best to show their interest in the multi-skilled prospect. Miller says he is feeling the love, too.

"It's like they are really coming after me. Coach K has been to every one of my games since they offered. They want me to come up there and visit a lot," Miller said.

Miller said he has been to Duke four or five times unofficially and to play pick up with the team.

"It's a great school," Miller said. "I like the medical part of it, too, because I want to be anesthesiologist."

Duke isn't the only team to offer him. In fact, nearly every elite school in the country (minus North Carolina) has. Miller said he won't pay much attention to the recruiting process until he's back in school and after he's had a chance to talk to his uncle, who is fielding the majority of the calls at the moment.

Miller said that when the time comes, Duke will be a player until the final hour. And he's aware that the Blue Devils will be there every step of the way.

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