Blog Debut: Ski Football

Over the past couple of years one of the most popular portions of the site has been the contributions of TDD's own "Ski Hat Guy". From game previews and recaps, to knowledgeable message board debates and tidbits, SHG has provided it all. This season, however, there's a new format for his contributions.

Instead of regular articles, TDD's David Dohrmann will be holding court as the site's first blogger. Subscribers will have a chance to get Ski's insights via "Ski Football" located on our message board's newly created Blog Central. A brief introductory post outlines the format:

  • I'll be posting 1-3 articles a well for users to comment, critique, and discuss (grad school, full-time job and a 1 year old son really cut into the day).  There will be game analysis, Duke and other college football topics, the occasional non-football related item, and the occasional rant (yes I do get mad from time to time).  I will be the only topic starter on this board, but everyone will be free to discuss.
  • For visiting fans, I welcome you input as well.  Remember, however, this is a Duke message board and I'm a Duke grad.  Expect the posts to have a dark blue tint to them, though I will try and be as objective as I can in my analysis.  Still you might read something that you might feel is a bit of homerism.  Before responding, remember where you are.  Fair?
  • We will start the blog with some posts about the 2009 schedule.  I will do my best to keep things fresh and topical to the opponent at hand.  One of my goals is to do some Q&A with our upcoming opponents' analysts, to try and get a feel for how they view playing Duke.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get one interview per opponent (for a total of 13 on the season ;) )  I am finding a Richmond analyst hard to come by, but I will keep digging.
  • So, enjoy.  If you have anything you might want to see in the blog, or might have some input or advice about the content, feel free to PM me with ideas.
Since the blog opened earlier this week, four topics including a schedule analysis (breaking down the games Duke should win; could win; and may need help winning); depth chart outline; and introductory post. More are on the way as the season kicks off.

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