"They Want Me To Be Their Point Guard"

In the first in-home visit of the fall, the Duke coaching staff heading to New Jersey to sit down with the nation's second rated point guard, Kyrie Irving. Before re-adjusting his focus for the remainder of his visits, the 6'2 floor general spoke with TDD to provide a recap.

"It was really impressive for myself and my family to have Coach K in for a visit," said Kyrie Irving. "He told me that he wants me to be their point guard."

That was clear throughout the summer as the Blue Devils slowly began focusing in exclusively on the St. Patrick High standout - with members of the coaching staff attending several of Irving's AAU games throughout the summer. Since that time, Duke has worked hard to maintain and grow the relationship.

"Having them show that kind of effort was great. It was a real blessing to have them interested to the point of being at all my games this summer. I certainly noticed it."

In addition to making a number of appearances at his games throughout that time, the Blue Devils have begun working the recruiting pitch. The overall sales job has been good enough that Irving was left without any real questions after last night's visit.

"I didn't really have anything left to ask. They answered all my questions about athletics and the academics. We talked about who was going to be there and who I'd be playing with. We talked about how they see me fitting in with everyone who is going to be there. With Duke you know what you are getting."

Which is?

"You are going to play in sold out arenas every time out. You are going to be on National Television more than any other program. I'd also be able to be in control of things as the point guard. They told me the ball would be in my hands."

With several more in-home visits yet to happen, Irving admits the process still has some components left to finish. After the visits he's set up official trips to Duke, Indiana, and Texas A&M. The first being to Duke on September 26th.

"I going to be looking at the campus and the facilities. I want to go with some of the guys to classes to see what it's like to be a student and an athlete there. I want to know what it'd be like if I go."

Irving is rated as a five star prospect and the nation's number two point guard in the class of 2010.

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