Rivers Will Draw A Tuesday Crowd

In the ever moving world of high major recruiting there's little time for various coaching staffs to sit idle. That's certainly true of Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski who will make a trip to see one of the top players in 2011 on Tuesday.

"[Coach K] will be coming down tomorrow to watch me work-out," said Winter Park (Fla.) standout Austin Rivers. "They are just watching conditioning and drills, it's not a big deal."

Rivers, who visited Duke earlier this month unofficially, will not be allowed to speak with Krzyzewski as coaches are not allowed to have "contacts" with juniors under NCAA rules.

Previously Rivers told TDD that Duke would not recruit him absent a de-commitment from Florida or an explicit invitation from the five star prospect. Now, apparently, that consent has been given and the Blue Devils are entering the race full steam ahead.

While on his visit, Rivers recounted his conversation with Krzyzewski surrounding a potential career in Durham.

"It was kind of weird because for the first couple of hours I was sitting there kind of laughing. I mean this is Coach K standing in front of me, talking about how he does things. How he could see me fitting in. What he would have in store for me. After I got over that part of it, we just started talking about things. What he would have in store for me. How he sees me fitting in. That kind of thing."

River is ranked as the class of 2011's top shooting guard prospect by Scout.com and the nation's No. 4 overall player.

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