Devils Interested in 2012 WF?

Justin Anderson may just be a sophomore in high school, but he's already a proven talent. The nation's best are knocking on his door and he already has a few early favorites.

Justin Anderson is used to playing with guys two or three years older than him. In fact, he's been doing it his entire life. So this summer playing up in the 17's division with Boo Williams wasn't a big deal to this 2012 prospect. "I felt as though I fit right in," Anderson told "I've been playing with people older than me since I was really young. I've always been playing against older competition.

"It really didn't matter to me, but I just look at them like another person," the 6-foot-6, 210-pound small forward added.

Despite being the youngest guy on the court nearly every time he took it, Anderson managed to standout in a big way. His athleticism is his best attribute, but he's also becoming a talented scorer.

"I started off playing well and it was fast paced and once I caught on I thought I did very well at all of the camps that I went to and playing against the older guys," he said. "There were times I could have played better."

Already college coaches have shown their interest in Anderson, who is rated in's top 10.

"I've had a couple of schools that are very interested – Texas, North Carolina, Duke, Oklahoma and Maryland," Anderson said. "There's a good amount, but I have a lot of time left. I'm not going to worry about it too much."

"I'm looking hard at North Carolina and Oklahoma and also Maryland and Texas," he added. "Those four schools are up there and they are all so good in their own different way. Right now those are the schools I'm most interested in."

Anderson took a visit to North Carolina last year and has been to Maryland. He's planning to take a few more visits in the near future, including a trip back to Maryland for their midnight madness festivities.

"I took a visit last year to North Carolina. It was an unofficial visit. I went down there for a football game. I went down to Maryland. I want to go out to Texas and Oklahoma sometime soon."

According to Anderson, Roy Williams, Jeff Capel, Gary Williams and Rick Barnes have all been into see him workout.

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