Things To Be Thankful For After 2009

With the 2009 season ending this weekend and the holiday season upon us, it seems like the right time to give thanks for several things about the 2009 Blue Devils.

  • Thanks for finally beating NC State. I know we haven't played them in a while, but the fact remains that Duke had not beaten NC State since the 1993 season (folks that's now 16 years ago). We are on our 4th head coach since the last time the Devils took it to the Wolfpack.
  • Thanks to our senior QB Thad Lewis for four years of some of the gutsiest QB play in Duke history. For his entire career, the Devils have been a one-man show on offense and opposing defenses knew it. Lewis already owns most Duke passing records. He also owns the unofficial record for number of times being hit by opposing defenses. The toughness displayed by Lewis over the past four seasons has been a credit to his character. Some Duke fans are looking forward to better days ahead. I will say this, however: we will end up missing Lewis more than you think in 2010.
  • My wife would like to extend thanks to Duke coach David Cutcliffe. Why my wife? Now that Duke football has risen out of the depths to become a competent football team, my wife no longer has to deal with a depressed husband on Saturday nights and Sundays in the fall. She is thankful that her husband is usually returned to her with the same smile he had when he left the house that morning.
  • Thanks to President Dick Brodhead and AD Kevin White for finally buying into the notion that having a good football team does not undermine Duke's academic mission. If fact a good football team can help raise the prestige of the university. Ask a Wake Forest fan if their university has become a better place since the arrival of Jim Grobe.
  • Thanks to Wake Forest AD Ron Wellman and Wake head coach Jom Grobe for showing the Duke administration that you can be a small private school and have a good football team at the same time. Your team's continual embarrassment of ours in the early and mid-90's was the kick in the pants needed to institute a paradigm shift in how Duke's decision-makers approached the football program. You made them reaize that Duke strives for execellence in everything we do, except football. That became an unacceptable viewpoint in large part due to your success. because of this shift, Duke football is no longer a red-headed stepchild in its own university community.
  • Thanks to the loyal fans of Duke football that continue to make TDD part of their daily life. I've been running the football side of things over here since 2000. Through thick and thin, website changes, network changes, and whatever else there has been, you guys have stuck with it. Now, our passion for Duke football is finally being rewarded. You guys are what makes this endeavor worth doing. And for the newer fans, I welcome you to the band of brothers here at TDD Football. Here's to a great final week of the season and a bowl game in 2010!

David Dohrmann is a Duke grad and longtime Blue Devil football fan and analyst with TDD. He maintains "Ski Football" a popular blog hosted in TDD's Blog Central.

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