2011 OL Hearing From Duke Often

David Andrews has emerged as one of the top 2011 offensive linemen in the state of Georgia over the past nine months. He shined at the Scout Combine in Atlanta and has made a name for himself as a recruit since. Andrews plays a very important position on the OL and that will only help him in the end.

"I am a true center and I think that really helps me," said David Andrews.

That it does. He may not be the guy that everyone looks at when teams enter the field or the guy that wows all the spectators at a combine, but he has all the tools to be a high level Division I center.

"I have made the calls on the offensive line since my sophomore season, I have the smarts, and I have the experience at the position, so I think playing center now really helps me prepare for college."

"I know a guy at my position with my size will not be a priority on a lot of recruiting boards, but you can't run a play unless you have a center snap the ball first and now plays can be run successfully unless the center makes the offensive line calls. I think those things really help me."

The smarts combined with strength, technique, and drive have helped him at some combines too. He was invited to the Scout Combine in Atlanta early in 2009 and he walked away as one of the top offensive linemen at that event.

Since that time he has gained around 25 pounds and continued to improve his game in the trenches.

He measured in at 6-foot-2 and 275 pounds in San Antonio last weekend at the Army Combine. Like he did in Atlanta, he dominated much of the competition.

"I got around 10-12 reps in the one on ones and I only lost two of them," he said. "One guy that beat me was James Wilder (Combine M.V.P.) and he has around 43 offers. I play center, not tackle, so I was not used to seeing that kind of speed. He just beat with me with the speed, but I think I did very well the rest of the time."

Andrews may not have shown the height of some other top linemen in San Antonio, but he showed something that most college coaches look for in the trenches.

"Going against great competition, I think people saw the nastiness in me. I was challenged and I picked things up and got after it out there. I was competing with some great players and I was nasty and physical."

He hopes the combination of experience at center, knowledge of his position, pure strength, and that nasty attitude when competing leads to scholarship offers. It hasn't yet, but a number of schools are showing high interest.

"Georgia, Duke, and Vanderbilt are showing the most interest in me right now. I get a lot of hand written letters from Duke and Vanderbilt and Georgia sends me a lot of mail and Coach [Stacy] Searles makes frequent stops at my school." "Auburn, Wake Forest, East Carolina, Michigan State, Arkansas, Clemson, and South Carolina are also sending mail and showing me attention."

No school has pulled out in front yet, but the in-state school is definitely on his mind. The junior out of Norcross (GA) Wesleyan has camped at UGA, talked to Coach Searels many times, and he visited Athens recently.

"I went over to Georgia for one of their bowl practices and I got to talk to the coaches, hang out with some players, go to the meetings with the offensive linemen, and spend some time in Coach Searels' office."

"It was a real cool visit and Coach Searels told me that he liked and for me to stay patient. He told me my time is coming."

When that time will be is unknown. That time (meaning a possible offer) could be early in 2010 or possibly the summer.

"I think he wants me to come back to the Mark Richt camp this summer," said the Junior to Watch on Scout. "I am not worrying about it too much right now. I am just working hard and I just want to do what it takes to earn some offers."

If he had it his way, the offers would come in over the next six months so he could make an early decision. Andrews is not going to rush into a decision, but he would like to end the process before his senior year begins if he could.

"I really want to have the offers and my mind made up before we play our first game next season. I want to know where I am going, where I am playing, and have recruiting over with by then. I do not want to make a big scene about it, but at the same time, I will take as long as I need to. I would like to commit early over the summer, but we will see how it goes."

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