One on One With Quincy Miller

North Carolina prospect Quincy Miller is one of the strongest personalities and best players in the country. He recently sat down with TDD to discuss a number of topics including his approach to recruiting, where various schools stands, and why he's so into the various social media outlets.

TDD: Every recruiting class seems to have the "media guy". You seem to be the one in the class of 2011 who is out there on Facebook and Twitter and similar mediums. What's the appeal for you there?

Quincy Miller: You know, I just do it to have fun to be honest. I enjoy expressing myself and my personality, and it's been fun doing it. There's not a whole lot of guys that I follow on Twitter, it's mostly NBA guys like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Dwayne Wade. I also follow my friend, Deuce Bello.

It seems like your various postings have caused a number of reactions among the various fan bases. Do you find that somewhat humorous, or does it go too far at times?

Yeah, it can be funny sometimes, but sometimes there are people who take things way too seriously. The whole thing between Duke fans and Kentucky fans can get pretty funny, but too serious sometimes.

When you're following the NBA guys, what is it that catches your interest?

I watch a lot at like what they say, and how they conduct themselves. I try to watch interviews that they do, or shows that they are on like SportsCenter, Twitter, and stuff like that. I mean I try to be me, but I do try to learn stuff from what they are saying.

Being a high profile recruit, and with the various social media outlets, do you ever feel like your every move is being analyzed?

It doesn't really bother me to be honest, I just like taking visits and watching teams to see how they play.

With the season going on, have you had time to watch a lot of college hoops?

I watch a lot. I like watching teams like for Syracuse with Wesley Johnson -- he's my favorite player in college basketball right now, but I also like watching other teams like Wake Forest, Florida, Georgetown, Florida State, Duke, West Virginia, Connecticut, Marquette, and Baylor. When I'm watching, I try to be a student of the game, I like to learn about teams when I'm watching them.

Seems like a lot of teams and a lot of information to process with that approach. Are some games more of a priority for you?

Yeah, definitely Syracuse because of Wesley Johnson, but also Connecticut and Kentucky, it's pretty much guaranteed that something spectacular will happen with their players. Main thing I look for when I watch a team is how much do they get out and run versus how many times they slow it down. Do they have a lot of shooters? Do they maintain their composure? I'm big on making big plays while maintaining composure.

Duke and Kentucky have been mentioned prominently with you. Is it a fair assessment that those two could be considered frontrunners?

No, it's just that it's easier for me to get to those two schools than other schools on my list. I've made several trips to Duke and to Kentucky now, but that doesn't necessarily mean those are my only schools.

One of those trips recently had you in Lexington. Can you provide a general recap?

It went really well. I went to get a feel for the campus and also spend time with Coach Calipari. He told me that if I came to Kentucky, I'd be able to get on the court a lot and have a good amount of playing time and he also said the ball was going to be in my hands.

Is playing with a top notch point guard a priority? What about a scoring point guard?

A good point guard who has the ball in his hands will look for his teammates and get them the ball too. It wouldn't bother me to play with a really good point guard.

You were also recently at Duke behind the bench with 2010's Josh Hairston. You are in contact a good bit aren't you?

Josh is my boy. We've been good friends ever since I got to go down to Duke for some games and open runs with the guys. He's just a real cool dude, we stay up with each other on Facebook and he definitely tells me he wants to see me join the Duke family.

Having been to Durham several times, what is your take on the program at this point?

Duke's one of those schools that they play with composure when they are on the court. They make the smart play a lot, and they do a combination of getting out and running when they can, but they also run set plays too. It's been good getting to go to games and play with the guys. It's just like any other school that I'm considering. I'm just trying to get comfortable with the schools on my list, see if I fit their style of play.

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