Coach K In Florida To Watch Rivers

In making their trip to Florida, the Duke coaching staff has also found time to hang around in the sunshine state for one very important reason: to see their top recruiting target in the class of 2011 in action tonight.

"I talked to Duke the other day and they said they were going to stick around and come see me play tonight," said Austin Rivers. "Coach K said he's looking forward to watching me. It's going to be a pretty big game. We play Winter Springs at their place, which is tough because they haven't lost at home in more than three years."

Of course Rivers and Winter Park will be looking to not only snap their opponents' home court winning streak, but also to survive and advance in the Florida State tournament.

"Right now it's win or go home. We have already gone through District and now we're in Regionals. You have to win three games there in order to make the Final Four."

Of course winning has been something Rivers and his team have gotten used to over the course of the season. And, even when he sustained an ankle injury earlier in the year, Rivers was able to help his team overcome.

"I'm back to 100 percent now, but when I was out I kind of found myself as an assistant coach out there. It allowed me to see the game from the sideline and to help my team in terms of leadership. Still, I'm glad to be back."

On the recruiting front Rivers says nothing is going to change or has changed over the course of the season. In short he's still committed to the University of Florida, but is seriously considering Duke.

"Once the tournament is over I'm going to sit down and really think about it and where I want to go with things. Obviously I've got a relationship with Florida and everyone there. And, over the last months, I've developed a really strong bond with Coach K and Duke. After my high school season I'm going to really look at things on that."

That's a similar message to what Krzyzewski has told the top five prospect, though the Duke head coach is making himself noticeable whenever possible.

"He said to go win a state championship and then worry about the recruiting stuff. Still it's pretty cool that he's going to be there tonight. I mean with the summer I'm pretty used to having coaches in the stands, but knowing he's coming out does give you some extra motivation. Not that we need any to come ready to play tonight."

Though he's been focused on the state high school tournament for the last few weeks, Rivers does admit that he's followed the Blue Devils. Especially in their recent matchup against arch-rival North Carolina.

"I knew they were going to win that game. It's like I told [], it was going to come down to leadership and guard play. Duke didn't play very well for most of the game, but in the end their guards were the difference. Kyle, Scheyer, and Nolan were great down the stretch and put them over the top."

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