Duke In Early on Top OL

Collins Langley comes by his football talent naturally. With ties to programs all over the south, Collins has had more than a rooting interest in several programs over the years. Now that his turn with the recruitment process is here, the talented offensive lineman is wide open to the possibilities.

Collins Langley profile

"I am being recruited pretty hard by LSU, Alabama, Southern Miss and Duke," said Collins. "I went to junior days at Alabama and Southern Miss and I am going to LSU's spring game. I am excited about that. I have a lot of family that are LSU fans."

While a lot of high school offensive lineman end up sliding up or down the line on the college level, Langley believes he is slotted in at his projected position already.

"Everybody is talking about me playing guard because I have really good feet," said Langley. "I feel like it's my natural position because I have big arms and big legs. I used to wrestle and throw the shot put, but I had to have shoulder surgery. I am coming back from that now and I will be fine. That's one of the reasons I am a little under the radar."

In an attempt to get firmly on the radar, Collins plans to spend a lot of time getting in front of college coaches this summer on the college camp circuit.

"I know I am going to Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Duke and Southern Miss," said Langley. "I want to get some time with the coaches and earn a scholarship somewhere. That's my ultimate goal."

Collins will not be the first college player in his family.

"My dad played at Ole Miss from 1976-1980 and my cousin, Michael Blanchard, was an All-American at LSU in the early 90s. My grand dad played at Southern Miss, so that's a tie to another college program," said Langley. "All of that helps, but I have to find the place that fits me.

"I go places and I factor in everything. I am just trying to have a level playing field for all of the schools. I just want to have an open mind and find the right place for my future."

Langley understands the value of a college degree, so that will play a big part in his decision.

"I want to go somewhere I can get a good education," said Collins. "If I don't go to the NFL, which is my dream, I want to be a dentist and open my open practice some day.

"Right now I just want to get a scholarship, so I can help my parents out."

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