Carolina Challenge Chat: Marshall Plumlee

The third Plumlee brother updated his recruiting and reveals his Final Four picks in this interview from the 2010 Carolina Challenge.

TDD: Talk with me about your experience here at the Carolina Challenge past few years, what have you learned from it?

Marshall Plumlee: I have really enjoyed my time here since I came as a freshman. It's always a very competitive camp, and Mr. Telep does a great job at teaching us a lot about being better basketball players, but more importantly, better people.

Were you able to catch the Duke-Purdue game last night?

Most definitely. I fell asleep during halftime and didn't see the second half. I needed to get my rest for today's camp, but the first half was a bit scary and pretty sluggish, both teams played a tough defensive game from what I saw. I was real excited for my brothers and for Duke, it's awesome to see them go deep in the tournament, and they are getting an opportunity to make a bigger contribution to the team, which is great.

Have you had a chance to talk with your brothers yet? Is your family out there with them?

I have not had a chance to speak with my brothers as of [Saturday], I was already asleep by the time they were done with the game, but I'm probably going to talk with them at some point tonight since they don't play until Sunday. My family did go out there to be with them, and it's been nice for them because they get to be around my brothers and other families of players on the team.

It's a bit of a sacrifice that they couldn't be here to support me, but I've come to understand as basketball has taken me and my brothers everywhere. We've learned to appreciate the times where we can be together, supporting each other. It's great that my parents had the opportunity to be with my brothers out there, especially because Duke is advancing further and further into the tournament.

Have you been watching a lot of the tournament? Do you make it a point to try and watch teams that were in the tournament that are recruiting you?

I have tried to watch as much basketball in the tournament as I can, but I also have a busy schedule at school and with the team so I didn't get a chance to see the Wisconsin-Cornell game, but I watched the Florida game, and of course I've been watching my brothers play. I've tried to do my homework on the teams that are recruiting me, and part of that comes from watching them in the tournament games. I can't judge them just on how they have played in the tournament, but it is good for me to see how they do things on the court when playing other really good tournament teams.

Who did you have in the Final Four? Is your bracket all busted up?

Yes sir, my bracket is not doing all that great. I think I had my Final Four being Kansas, Kansas State, Duke and West Virginia, so, we'll see what happens.

You mentioned before that Head Coaches have been taking an active role in talking with you, are they still doing a lot of that?

I am definitely still hearing from head coaches and assistant coaches, but not as much recently due to the tournament being on. I still hear a good amount from Coach Bennett at Virginia, and Coach Ryan and Coach Beilein from Wisconsin and Michigan. I've found that it's becoming even more of a tough decision to make, just because the coaches and the relationship I've developed with them is just very genuine. They are really good people and it's been great getting to know them.

How about Duke?

I have to say that Duke's been the one school that has really been different recently. They have offered me a scholarship, which I am very appreciative of, but recently, I have not talked with them all that much on the phone, and I haven't seen them at my games recently. So, I'm not sure where things are right now with them, but they are still under consideration, and it helps that me and my family have a very good idea about how the program is run and what they expect of the players there.

How are you and your teammates feeling about the upcoming ESPN Rise Tournament?

We have been working really hard, winning the state tournament recently was really awesome, but this is kinda like icing on the cake to play in such a prestigious tournament with so many good teams. The team we are playing, Winter Park, they are a really good team from what I've heard, and they have a player in Austin Rivers who is just a really great player. We need to be prepared, and we need to play with great effort in order to win that game, and we are really looking forward to that game.

With the summer coming up, are you trying to take a more active role in your recruiting?

Not really. Not as much as last spring and summer. I am for sure looking to keep moving forward towards making a decision, but I have had a chance to see a lot of schools that I am being recruited by, so, I'm sure I will have some more visits, just not sure when.

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