Duke's Mario Sanders Is A Big Recruiter

Wanting to see his future college continue their upward rise 2011 Greer High DE Mario Sanders has started to become a valuable recruiter for the Duke Blue Devils. SCPrepNation.com caught up with Sanders for an update on how things are going this offseason, what his plans are, and just who he's been talking to about taking a long hard look at Duke.

It was a little over a month and a half ago that Mario Sanders decided it was time to give a commitment to the Duke Blue Devils. The 2011 standout defensive end now has turned his attention to focusing on his senior season next year and seeing who else he may be able to convince that Duke is where they want to continue their football career.

"I feel like a good decision has been made as well as a new responsibility has been placed on my shoulders," Sanders told us of his having made his commitment to the Blue Devils and having that scenario behind him now to focus on other things.

Sanders has already started working on a trio of in-state prospects for the Blue Devils. One of who already holds an offer from Duke, DE Desmond Floyd of Union County High School.

"Yes I have been trying to talk Desmond Floyd into coming to Duke as well. It's kind of a fun process."

The 2011 prospect says he talks to two fellow teammates about taking a long hard look at the Blue Devils as well in 2011 LB Will Sales and 2011 S/RB Dakari Sitton.

Sanders' Yellow Jackets will return one of the state's top defenses regardless of classification next season and he talked about what he and his teammates have been doing so far this offseason.

"We've been working hard together in the weight room and in our conditioning. We're pushing each other to strive to become better as a dominating unit."

With Sales, Sitton, and Atamu Ah Ching on the defensive side of the ball as well their practices take on a ultra competitive nature which should bode well for the Yellow Jackets next season. "It makes it very competitive. We are always trying to see who is the better athlete, who's stronger, and who's faster."

Diligent work in the weight room continues for Sanders and he informed us that he and the squad haven't maxed out yet but will inform us of his weight room status once he does.

He says though that he has already seen some improvements in a coule of areas.

"I have shown great improvement in my strength and lateral speed so far."

Sanders is looking forward to next season and he talked a little bit about what teams he's eyeing closely and what his take will be knowing that competitors will try to give him their very best because of his status as a top flight prospect in the state and already having made a verbal commitment.

"I'm looking forward to playing Rock Hill and Chapin because new competition is always welcome. As for people trying to show me up, if they are willing to step in front of me I will hold up my end of the bargain."

Given Sanders' verbal to Duke and the fact that he's working as a recruiter for his future school it still hasn't stopped many other schools in their effort to recruit and sway his decision.

"Recruitment hasn't really fell off any. The same schools are still showing me a lot of interest even though I'm committed."

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