Austin Rivers Is Back On The Market

Basking in the glow of a national championship, the Blue Devils are now turning back to the task of building another title worthy team. That begins in the class of 2011 with the recruitment of Austin Rivers. On Thursday morning Rivers made some pretty big decisions regarding his recruitment.

"I have re-opened my recruitment as of last night," said Winter Park (Fla.) standout combo guard Austin Rivers. "I have de-committed from Florida at this time. I still really like them, but I needed to go ahead and reopen things right now."

Such a decision has been expected by recruiting followers and analysts for weeks, but just because he's no longer committed to the Gators doesn't mean Rivers is going to entertain recruiting advances by every school in the country. Though it's likely that every one of them would love a chance to recruit him.

"Right now I'm looking at three schools: Duke, Florida, and North Carolina. I may open it up a little more later on, but right now it's just going to be those three programs."

"I have a long history with both Duke and Florida. North Carolina is trying to recruit me as well. So, we'll see what happens."

As with most fans of the college game, Rivers was glued to the television as the Blue Devils battled their way to a fourth championship. And while the media may have been shocked, Rivers claims he was sure of [a Duke win] all along.

"Honestly I picked Duke from the beginning. I really did. They have Coach K, and he was probably the difference. I mean the whole Final Four was crazy. The whole tournament was, but he was able to guide them to a championship."

Rivers is ranked as the nation's top shooting guard and the number four overall prospect in the class of 2011 by's Dave Telep.

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