EYBL: QnA With Quincy Miller

One of the top players in the class of 2011 sat down with TDD this weekend to update his recruiting as the 2010 recruiting season kicked off.

TDD: What was your mindset while being sidelined with an injury and seeing your team struggle?

Quincy Miller:You know, I feel like my team needs me, so once I got injured, that's when the momentum started changing. We were only down four. I don't know, it's just hard when you want to be out there and you can't for a bit due to an injury.

Watching you this weekend as well as at the Carolina Challenge recently, you communicate quite a bit. Is that natural or something you make a conscience effort to work on?

That just comes real natural to me. I talk all the time because I know it helps the team a lot.

You seem to be taking things [on the recruiting front] sort of loosely. Is that a conscience decision, or just your personality?

I do take things seriously, but at the same time, I'm going to take my time and evaluate my situation.

When you say you take things seriously, what do you really look for in the various programs?

I look at how comfortable I am with the school, the style of play, what type of coach they have, and the type of players they have around me, because I'm a team player.

Often, you're one of the best players when you step on the court and you seem to thrive in situations that allow you to let the game come natural. Is that a style that appeals to you at the next level?

I want to play for a coach both who will allow me to play my natural game, but I also like a coach who demands that I be great. It's like my AAU Coach, Coach Bergeron. I want a coach that's always on my back, making sure that I'm doing the right thing all the time. Duke's a place where I feel like I would be challenged to be great, and that reminds me a lot of how my AAU Coach is, I really like that.

You are often linked to Kentucky as well. Can you compare Coach Calapari's approach to Coach K's?

I think both coaches are demanding to be honest, I just feel like Coach Cal, he's got more an open style, Coach K's got more like a structured style.

From your Twitter updates, you followed Coach K's team this year. How difficult is it for you to evaluate Duke given their projected change in the style of play next year.

It's not all that hard to me. I know that Coach K adjusts to the players that he has.

Kentucky just had five players announce for the NBA Draft and are projected to be involved with a lot of guys who could be one and done next year as well. Does that approach appeal to you?

I don't really have a problem with it. Wherever I go I'm going to work hard and compete for my spot.

Earlier you mentioned being a team player. Does that mean being a go to guy from the start or fitting in with a defined role?

I definitely want to play with a mix of guys. For the role guys, they are just as important as the guys who are really, really good.

Coming off a nationally title usually gives team a recruiting 'bump'. Have you noticed any changes as a recruit from Duke in that regard?

I've definitely been noticing that they are offering some really talented guys lately. I know they are in there with Austin [Rivers].

What about their approach with you. Anything different of late?

Oh, yeah. Coach K and Coach James are both great coaches. It seems like they are much more laid back about things, but you know they are recruiting better players even more.

What do you mean by "laid back"?

It just seems like they are recruiting different kinds players. I mean they've always been recruiting me hard, and they just seem to be attracting some really talented players now. Guys like Kyrie and Austin.

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