BW: Michael Gbinije QnA Session

Having already achieved his goal of ending the recruiting process, Duke commit Michael Gbinije can now spend his time on the AAU circuit refining his game. The 6'6 wing sat down with TDD at the Boo Williams event to discuss this and more.

With recruiting over, what is your mindset heading into a weekend like this event?

Michael Gbinije: Well, different teams play defense differently. Some lay off, some play zone, some play man, so my approach is pretty much to work with what they are giving me and make plays.

Previously scouting reports on you focused on your jumper, and yet this weekend you've really gone off the bounce. Is that something you're working on?

It's a mindset I think. Sometimes I'll go into a game where I know I'll have an opportunity to shoot some jumpers and I'll be more aggressive driving the lane. This weekend I was trying to be more aggressive, get to the rim and get to the free throw line.

Now that you're committed to Duke, is the staff offering any pointers on how to improve your game?

They pretty much told me that I should work on my aggressiveness on both ends of the court, they said I have the ability to make those types of plays, and I know that at times I have a tendency to be passive, so I'm working on maintaining my aggressiveness.

Going into senior Year and you've got the decision made, what does it do for your mentally knowing you're a Duke Blue Devil?

First off, it's just a honor that I'm going to be a Duke Blue Devil, I'm very thankful for that. Secondly, it does take the pressure off with all the recruiting, now that I know what's in my future, I can pay even more attention to my high school team and to my regular game.

When you committed, What was the reaction like around Richmond?

It was a good mixture I would say, most people felt like I did, that choosing Duke is a good move.

What were your thoughts on Duke's National Championship run?

It was real exciting watching them win, it pretty much showed me that they are still where they should be all the time, which is competing for national championships and winning them.

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