BW: L.J. Rose QnA Session

One of the top point guards in the class of 2012, L.J. Rose already has serious interest from a number of top level programs including the Blue Devils.

What did you think of the flow of the game tonight?

L.J. Rose:We didn't have a lot of players available for this weekend, so, we were as a team making a conscious decision to run some sets, and get guys involved.

You seem to see the court really well. Is that a natural thing or is it something you consciously work on?

I watch a lot of basketball with my dad, and he played at U of H(Houston), and I work out a lot during the summer with John Lucas. Specifically, I watch Chris Paul a lot on TV, along with Steve Nash and Deron Williams.

How about college? Do you make an effort to watch and learn about the various college teams out there?

I watch Houston, and all the Texas teams a lot.

A lot of big-time guards have come out of the Houston Hoops program ahead of you, guys like TJ Ford, Daniel Gibson, Daniel Ewing, etc—do they reach out to current guys in the program?

Actually yeah, I was talking with TJ Ford just two days ago, he was asking me how I was going to do in the Boo Williams Tournament and stuff, just telling me how much of a great opportunity I had. TJ always tells me to just work really hard and I'll like the result that I'm going to get from that.

You seem to be a pure point guard - which is kind of rare on the AAU circuit. Is that something you work on?

It's always been my mindset, ever since I was in 3rd grade, I always practiced to be a great point guard.

Being from Texas, and with so many good teams in-state, do you feel more pressure to limit your college search to the local programs?

Oh yeah, always. People always say they want me to stay home, help the Texas teams, but at the end of the day, I'm going to make a decision that's best for me.

In other interviews you've mentioned interest in both Duke and North Carolina. How do you compare those two systems against the local schools?

With Texas and Baylor, they have a mentality where they just let the kids play, and they have kids who can do that. With UNC and Duke, they have more a format and they put their players in positions where they can be successful.

Specifically with Duke a lot of players are saying they've noticed a change in their system with the kinds of kids they've brought in. Is that something you've noticed or do you disagree?

I do think it's changing, and when they get these new players that they are looking at and bringing in, it's going to change things for them.

Keeping with Duke, what kind of interest have they shown you to date?

I've heard that Duke doesn't get involved with players as much before their junior year, so, they have expressed some interest, we'll see how things progress.

You've got Team USA Trials coming up soon, how you feeling going into that?

I'm really looking forward to that, that's going to be in June in Texas. Lot of really talented guys going to be there.

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