Rivers Ready For A Big Night In Cameron

On Monday evening the Duke basketball program received some welcomed news for the immediate future when Kyle Singler decided to come back. On Thursday the Blue Devils will celebrate the recent past at the annual banquet. And one of the top players in the country will be there.

"Yes, I'm going to be [at the Duke banquet] said Winter Park (Fla.) standout Austin Rivers. "I leave on Thursday and will be there Thursday and Friday visiting. I'm excited to get back."

Rivers, who is ranked as a five star prospect in the class of 2011, recently re-opened his recruitment after an early commitment to the Florida Gators as a freshman. He has since expanded the list of schools under consideration to three with Duke and North Carolina joining Billy Donovan's program.

The 6-foot-4 five start prospect is quick to point out, however, that in his mind a re-opening is not the same thing as a de-commitment.

"People see the word de-commitment and get an immediate negative thought in their head in terms of me going to Florida. That's not the case. I still love Florida as much as I did as a freshman, but I also wanted to look around and make sure everything was right for me now as it was when I committed as a freshman."

This trip to Durham replaces the proposed unofficial visit from March - the home game against North Carolina that saw the Blue Devils run their arch-rivals right out of the building by an 82-50 margin. On that night Rivers was at home celebrating a recently claimed state championship, but he made sure he "recorded the game to watch the next day."

Now, he'll have the chance to return to Duke for the first time in nearly a year on a night where celebrations will abound.

"To get up there and see Cameron and the team in that environment - celebrating a championship…that's going to be pretty special."

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