Three Star Tackle Very High On Duke

Recently one of the top offensive linemen in the midwest altered his Spring Break plans to include a stop in Durham for a visit with the Duke coaching staff. After touring the campus and meeting the coaches, this three star prospect received a scholarship offer. But does it make Duke the team to beat?

"Duke has a great campus," said Brookfield (Wisc.) Central offensive tackle Marcus Aprahamian. "When I was walking around I could really see myself being in school there. I loved the atmosphere and beauty of it all. It really looked like an Ivy League campus. My brother is at Dartmouth and my dad worked at Yale, so I had something to compare it to."

Rated as a three star offensive tackle the 6-foot-5, 300 pound Aprahamian has earned early scholarship offers from Minnesota, Indiana, and Duke. In addition he's receiving interest from most of the Big 10 programs, as well as Vanderbilt and Notre Dame. He's made visits to South Bend and a few other programs, but so far it's the Blue Devils who have separated themselves.

"It's really a case of the coaches and how they act compared to other coaching staffs. The Duke coaches are just really down to earth. I was on campus from around 11 until 5 and then my mom flew in the next day. The entire time I really felt like they were very high on me as a player and a person."

"In general they just speak to you person to person. They aren't trying to sell you. It's more like a friendly kind of thing. Coach Luke was really good to talk to."

While his position coach took the more low key approach, it appears as though Marcus has shot up the recruiting board enough for head coach David Cutcliffe to really impress his program's desire for the Wisconsin lineman to join up.

"Coach Cutcliffe spoke to me about the football program and the school in general. He doesn't really have to sell the school, and he did work to sell the program. Duke is certainly turning around and he made it clear he wants me to be part of it. When I got home, he was the first coach to call me when the contact period opened up. He called me at 6:30 in the morning because he wanted to be the first coach to get in touch."

So, after visiting Durham and speaking with the coaching staff, where do the Blue Devils rank on Aprahamian's list of schools? And to quell the obligatory recruiting question, what sort of timetable will he be looking at for a commitment?

"Right now I really want to make a decision in the early summer, and Duke is probably number one on my list with Indiana being up there as well. Notre Dame and Stanford are next with Minnesota after that. Stanford is coming out to my school this week."

"Coach Cutcliffe told me how badly he wanted me to come to Duke, and he's changing the culture down there. They want to start competing for an ACC Championship soon and he thinks I can be part of that. He didn't pressure me to commit, and told me that my scholarship offer isn't going anywhere. His only question was about the distance from home, but that's not something I care about."

Off the field Aprahamian fits the model of the student athlete. He's an active member of his student council and participates in various mission trips with his church that have included working in various homeless shelters as well as a trip to New Orleans to help in the reconstruction after the various storms.

When asked for a scouting report, Aprahamian provided the following:

"I feel that I really get off the ball well and I'm determined to finish my blocks and move on to the next one. I also believe I'm a good leader on the field and have a strong work ethic. As far as what I need to work on… as a high school junior, I think everything."

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