Duke Drops In On Tenn. WR

Jake Monteverde is a firm believer in football combines. He may not have always the way he does now, but you can rest assured he is a proponent. After burning up the stop watch at a recent event, Jake has seen a spike in his college recruitment. Now he hopes to parlay his new suitors into some college options.

Jake Monteverde profile

"Duke, Vandy, Mississippi State, Arkansas and Memphis have all been by. Auburn is supposed to come by this week," said Jake of his spring practice visitors.

Monteverde went from relative obscurity to a real commodity nearly over night.

"I ran 4.42 at the Under Armour combine at the Georgia Dome," explained Jake. "Ever since then more schools have been really amped up in their interest."

The eye popping time in the 40 yard dash has put Monteverde on the recruiting map.

"I didn't have the stats I wanted to have last year, but I feel like I did pretty well," said Jake. "I didn't get all the balls my way that I wanted, but I did the best I could. I returned kicks too, so I tried to make the most of all that."

With Houston High's top wide out lost to graduation, Monteverde expects to hear his number called a lot more this fall.

"I am looking to capitalize on the opportunities I get this season," said Jake. "I am going out there to be the number one guy and I want to show my coaches that I can be that guy."

Scholarship offers have been hard to come by so far, but with his name now floating around among recruiting circles he hopes that will change in the not so distant future.

"I am a big student, so I am looking for a great education," said Jake. "Vanderbilt would be awesome. It's a great education and it's in the SEC.

"I am also going to look at the coaching staffs. I am a real big people person, so that will be important. I want to have a good relationship with the coaches.

"I am going to look at the campus and all of that too. I am just looking for the best place for me."

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