An Offer Coming For Majors?

Three-star linebacker Corey Majors is now holding scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Temple, however nearly a dozen schools just visited him in Langhorne, Pa., this past week and he feels that he could be on the cusp of picking up many more to add to his list.

Corey Majors, a 6-foot-1, 220-pound middle linebacker from Neshaminy High School just picked up his third scholarship offer and is confident that he'll be adding many more in the upcoming weeks.

"Temple just told me that my offer is in the mail, so I'm expecting that to come in soon," Majors stated. "They're local and my mom likes them, so I'm going to go to their junior day on Sunday. My mom graduated from Temple and I've been down there before, so I'm really used to the campus. I definitely like it down there on the campus."

"I have the offers from Pittsburgh and Minnesota and Louisville. Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Rutgers, Duke, Michigan, West Virginia, Boston College, Buffalo, Villanova, Delaware and Purdue have been in contact a lot too recently," Majors explained. "I'm trying to get out to camps at some of these schools with some of my teammates."

"All of the schools I just named said that I'm very close to getting an offer already, so I'm expecting some big things down the road here from some schools."

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