Quincy Miller Q&A

Perhaps one of the most notable players in the class of 2011 is in-state prospect Quincy Miller. Projected as a likely top five talent, Miller will have his pick of schools. Duke was in early, but rumors abound about the continuing direction of Miller's relationship with the Blue Devils. TDD spoke with the five star forward to get some clarification.

TDD: You've been identified and associated with UK for a while. What is your take on the rumors of Calapari joining LeBron in the NBA?

Quincy Miller: To be honest, it doesn't affect me all that much. It's obviously something that shows Coach Calipari is a really good coach if he's meriting that kind of consideration. I t could be a bad thing for Kentucky recruits or guys who are committed already to them, but I was talking with Coach Calipari recently and he told me he's not going anywhere, it's just a media thing.

Kentucky landed a number of big time players in 2010 and 2011. Does that impact your decision in any way?

Well ,they do have some great players that are going to be playing there both this year and also in my class. I mean, Brandon Knight is more of a great scorer, and Kanter sounds like he's a great big man. With Teague, I know him real well. He's a great point guard. He's kinda like Kyrie Irving in that he gets guys involved and knows how to get the ball to the scorers on the team.

Since you mentioned Irving, can you compare and contrast the approach of a recruit in regards to possibly playing with either of those player?

I think both of them are really good point guards who gets guys involved on their team but can also score when they need to. But, to be honest, Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards I have ever seen or played against. He's just real good at making guys look really good and he's going to make a big impact at Duke.

How does that compare with guards who look to score a bit more - such as a Brandon Knight or Austin Rivers?

With Brandon and with Austin, they are both such amazing scorers that they draw a lot of attention from the other team. I feel like my game can mesh with theirs also because they aren't going to freeze a guy like me out. We're all going to be able to score if I play with either one of those guys.

So, if you had your pick of situations would it be a passing lead guard or a scorer?

I feel like my game can compliment either style. All those guys going to Kentucky are great players, just like Duke has Kyrie Irving and he's a great player, but I feel like I can fit in at a variety of schools and with a variety of players. I looked a lot at schools like Texas, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Baylor, Duke, Kentucky, Ohio State, Oklahoma, they all run styles that I feel like I would fit in well.

Aside from the kinds of players you'd be playing with, do you focus on the coaches and how they develop their players? Do any coaches stick out in your mind in that regard?

I really think of coaches like Coach K and Coach Calipari as guys who have reputations of developing guys for the pros. With Coach K, he's just one of the greatest coaches of all time, and just the amount of people he knows in college, in the pros, just everywhere, he just knows so many people. He's just one of the best coaches out there, period. He's developed a lot of guys to make it to the NBA and I look at a guy like Kyle Singler and other guys that he's had at my position, the 4, and he's had good success getting guys ready to make an impact in the pros. I mean, Kyle Singler is a great player, he's done a lot in college and when he goes pro he's gonna be really good.

Are there ever any negative recruiting approaches against schools on your list?

I don't really get any negative recruiting from other schools that are recruiting me, they just stick to telling me about their programs and what they can do for me as a player. They know that's what I like to hear.

Negative recruiting more so comes from other people, mainly fans of teams. I hear that Coach Calipari only cares about getting guys who want to stay in school for one year and he just exploits them, which I don't agree with. With Coach K, I hear from people that Coach K isn't all that cool a guy---but to me that's not true at all, I've spent time with him and talked with him and he's a really cool guy who loves his players. I also hear that Duke doesn't have guys like me and they are just a bunch of shooters, but I also look at that as untrue. They've had some really good players over the year and they get guys to the League.

You recently attended the Duke team banquet where the program showed off the new banner and championship trophies. What were your thoughts on that event?

That was really great. Duke's got one of the best traditions out there, and they had a great season and the banquet was just really special. I got to talk with a lot of people there and they had some good recruits there like Austin Rivers and others.

What were you and Austin chatting about?

Mainly about what our plans were for the summer, and the different recruiting classes. We were looking at what schools like Duke are doing from a recruiting perspective and also Kentucky and Memphis. They just brought in a huge class with guys like my good friend Will Barton. It's just fun to talk about what other schools are doing and how we might fit in.

From your perspective is it a turnoff to find out that schools are recruiting other players at your position?

It's not really all that big a deal to me, I understand that schools are going to recruit other guys because I'm only going to go to one school and they are trying to get good players too.

You've got various advisors and coaches talking to you about schools. What are they encouraging you to look for?

They really encourage me to just focus on basketball and the rest will sort itself out. The future is going to be there, so I try not to focus too much on all the details of recruiting. I just enjoy the process for what it is and talk with the coaches as we speak via email or on the phone.

Which programs are doing the most reaching out to you at this point?

Each school is different in their approach, but the programs that send me the most handwritten mail are coaches like Coach Capel from Oklahoma, Coach O from Kentucky, Coach Drew from Baylor, Coach Matta from Ohio State. Duke and Kentucky take a different approach. They don't send me as much stuff, but I really like some of the stuff they say in their emails to me and when they send me stuff in the mail, it's just different you know ? It's great receiving those handwritten notes from coaches too, shows me they are serious about me.

What made you transfer from Quality Education Academy to Westchester?

That was more an academic move than a basketball move. I just wanted to make sure that my grades and everything are ok for me to go to college. It was mainly about getting ready for the academic side of college basketball.

It seems as though you enjoy the process and are kind of taking it all in stride. Is that the basic idea for you?

Yeah, I'm not really taking a serious look at anything right now in terms of college. I'm just going to keep concentrating on playing basketball this summer and the recruiting stuff will take care of itself.

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