Texas Lineman Talks Recruiting

As the Blue Devils continue to work the recruiting trail in hopes of boosting the talent and depth along the offensive line, several prospects are shooting up the recruiting board. One such player is Plano (Tex.) standout offensive guard/center Jake Brendel. Where does the three star prospect stand on recruiting? TDD investigates.

"Right now my top five, in no particular order, are California, Oklahoma, Stanford, Northwestern, and Boise State," said Jake Brendel. "Of those programs, I have offers from Stanford, Cal, and Northwestern."

Aside from his early top five, Brendel admits there are several schools still in the hunt and working hard to sell themselves. Among those programs are the Blue Devils who have spoken with the 6'4, 265 pound guard a few times.

"I have talked to Coach Luke a few times. He's been very casual and has told me that if I am interested in Duke there will be a scholarship for me. But I've been very up front with him and told him that Duke isn't all that high on my list at this time."

Not exactly a winning endorsement for Duke faithful, but Brendel admits a lot of it has to do with perceptions.

"It is obvious that Duke is an up and coming team, and I respect that very much, but with offers from other schools that have been a very distinguished makes them drop down a few on my top school list. They are a great school and if you attend Duke you will leave with a very recognized degree. We haven't talked a lot of football, aside from what they plan on doing in the future."

Brendel says he would like to be redshirted next fall and is in no rush to get on the field in general. There are also some other factors he's going to consider.

"I feel that redshirting would give me a chance to learn the offense of the program I attend before it's actually my turn to step up and produce. I really don't care that much about the location of the school. I don't want to go to Alaska or anything, but if that was where the best school for me is then I'll do it. Location isn't factor. I think the biggest thing for me is the feeling I get when I am around the players and coaches. Are these the kinds of guys I can see myself around for five years? That kind of thing."

After spending most of his time on the defensive line in high school, Brendel moved back inside the offensive line as a junior.

"That's a weakness for me. Last season was my first time playing on offense since eighth grade. I find myself getting into a defensive mindset sometimes on the field and it gets me into trouble sometimes. One of my strengths is that I can play one either defense or offense."

I have offers for both sides of the ball at many positions and many coaches say I can play from tackle to tackle. I am much faster than most offensive linemen due to my defensive line background and I'm very good at getting out on screens and throwing at the defensive backs. One thing I do need to concentrate on is my pad level, I find that I drift up a bit."

Brendel is rated as the nation's No. 47 offensive guard prospect by Scout.com

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