Muhammad Talks Recruiting; Duke

Shabazz Muhammad, a top 10 prospect in the 2012 class sat down for a Q&A at the TOC

TDD: What were your impressions of Coach K following your first visit to Duke earlier this year?

Shabazz Muhammad: He just said keep he likes my game and to keep playing hard and Go Duke. I'm definitely planning on going down again to catch some of the practices, it's gonna be really great to have that experience again.

Do you have any programs that have indicated an offer is coming your way on June 15th?

I already have an offer from Kansas, but Duke and North Carolina, I don't know about that as of yet, my dad, I think he knows more about that.

Speaking of your dad, what are his perceptions of the recruiting process to date?

He talks to me a lot about that kind of stuff, like we watch them on tv, see what kind of style of play coaches and teams have and what kind of style of play fits me the best.

Are you following the various classes being signed at each school when evaluating?

That's not all that big a deal to me, really. My dad has taught me to just compete, so whatever place fits me the best, it doesn't matter, I'm going to compete for my spot.

As a wing you were going down low quite a bit and were willing to bang with the post guys. Do you make a concerted effort to do that or it just part of your game?

Oh yes sir, that's something I do try to do, I like to try and help out on the boards and I like to block shots.

Has your dad offered any advice when you are evaluating schools?

He says to make sure I look for what fits me, he takes the visits with me and asks how I like a coaching staff and the program and we definitely sit down and watch TV. We definitely watched that Duke Butler game, that was real good to watch.

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