Alex Murphy Extended Interview

TDD sat down with Alex Murphy to get an idea of where things currently stand with his recruiting.

TDD: How are you taking the recruiting process differently than your brother or do you have similar approaches?

Alex Murphy: We have similar approaches I'd say, my dad and family helps us out a lot and seeing my brother go through the process before is really helpful for me. I've seen him go through the process, so if I have any questions or concerns, I can always talk with him or my dad.

What's the relationship like for you with Coach Donovan at Florida? Is it different since you're a Florida recruit and your brother plays for them?

It's the same, since my brother's down there our family is probably closest with the Florida program since my brother's down there, so I've got a good relationship with him, I've talked with him a few times and he seems like a really good guy and a coach that a lot of players want to play for.

Is part of your analysis of the various schools including the way in which the teams utilize their wing players?

Oh yeah, that's something I look at, style of play is a big thing for me, I look at guys that schools have had in the past, so I watched guys like Mike Dunleavy and Kyle Singler, Luke Walton at Arizona and Mike Miller at Florida, lot of coaches talk with me about those guys.

Coming from an academically demanding small school like St Mark's, are you looking to translate that to college or do you want something different?

Academics are really important to me in terms of college. My family has always stressed academics, so I'm for sure looking for a school that is strong academically. I'm not sure yet what degree I want, but I do want a school that has a good reputation academically.

Going into your visit after this weekend with Duke, what kind of questions is your family coming in with to try and get answered?

I'm not 100 percent sure. I haven't talked too much with them about it, but I do know they are somewhat familiar with the program because they recruited my brother and became really close with the staff, they felt like the staff did pretty well in how they recruited my brother, and I'm sure my mom will have some questions she'll look to have answered.

What kind of questions does your mom focus on?

She's big on academics, but she's just a great mom. Whatever makes me happy, she's always supported that and me doing what I want to do.

With your dad being a coach, does he talk about a lot of basketball stuff with you related to college?

My dad, obviously he's done a good job at working out with me and my brother to get us to the point where college was an option for us, working out with us, and when I was younger, when we went to the gym, he taught me to have fun. But ever since I was 12 years old, he was always the number one guy I'd be in the gym with. When I came home from school in the summer, we'd constantly be in the gym. We mix it up in terms of drills that we do, we do some power forward stuff because that's what he played, but we do wing drills as well, since that's moreso where my game is.

You seem to be really natural and sure of yourself is your ballhandling, especially in transition. Is that something that comes natural, or do you work on it?

Ever since I was real young, my dad's coached me through rec leagues and AAU. When I was young, I was always the tallest kid, but I was the point guard so I could handle the ball, and that translated to now that I'm older it comes easier to me in terms of my ballhandling being taller.

You played the point forward role for your AAU team, do you feel like that fits in playing alongside other guards?

I think I fit in pretty well, if I get a rebound and somebody's guarding me, I can throw the outlet to an open guard, but if I get the rebound and I see an open court and guys running out in the lanes, I can dribble out and I know I can make the right play.

Do you pay much attention to the media hype surrounding you as a high major recruit?

Obviously I do notice it, it's a part of the deal, like I try to just be humble and work hard. Like when I'm home, I'm just a regular person, I just hang out, play video games, go to the mall, just chill out.

How are coaches expressing interest in you since they can't call you personally until June 15th?

It's going through my high school coach, AAU coach, AAU Director. Schools are indicating that they are going to be calling me once June 15th rolls around and I'm looking forward to that.

How has Duke's interest level progressed in you over time?

This is like my third time on campus. I came down when I was really young with my brother, my interest level in Duke is really high, I've got a comfort level with them as a program, and with them winning the National Championship this year, that's a great thing to me. Me and my family are really looking forward to meeting with the coaches after this weekend is over, it's going to be great to get a look around the campus and see what life is like on it.

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