Chasson Randle Talks Duke

A relatively new target to the Duke recruiting board in the class of 2011, Illinois point guard Chasson Randle was on hand for the TOC this past weekend. TDD caught up with the four star player to get an update.

TDD: It seems like your AAU team plays a real structured style, is that something you're drawn to as a player when looking toward college?

Chasson Randle: To be honest, I adjust to how the coach wants to play. My coach with the Wolves, that's the way he likes to play. That structured style, so that's the way I'm going to play. However he wants me to play, that's how we're going to do things.

It sounds like you try to be a student of the game.

After I go to school and do practice and get home and get my homework done, you know I'm watching game film of teams and different players. I love basketball and learning as much as I can. Watching different players it's just the best way to get better. Being about to watch other guys do things and practice what they do.

Anyone in particular you try and watch?

I like watching Rondo, Kobe, Chris Paul, those guys I try to look up to in the NBA, and in the college game, I just try to watch a lot of good teams like Duke, Illinois...just all the good teams.

How did Duke enter the picture for you?

It started really in the Fall with Coach Wojo. He gave me a call, and after that they showed a little bit more interest. It's just been steady as the year has gone on. I was supposed to take a visit on Monday, but we kinda set it up kinda late and to change the flight it would have been like a $1000 dollars or something like that, so we'll come back another time, that's for sure.

Is Duke's recruitment of you different from other schools in any way?

Most definitely. You know, it's Duke. They kinda let you sit back and process everything, and then they come after you the best way they can and that's what they have done so far.

What goes into your evaluation process of the different schools?

I'm looking at which schools I'm going to have a chance of playing for, and I'm definitely looking at the academics and I want to go someplace where I can win and where I can be comfortable. Those are the big things I'm looking at.

Describe your high school setting for us. Is it more academically demanding than most?

It's more a school where you go and take as much as you can. You know you have to work really hard to accomplish all you can.

How do you weigh academic styles between the different schools?

I sit down and look at things like that with my family, and that's something we'll be looking at more as the process goes on.

When evaluating the different schools and conferences, are you building your own perceptions? What are you thinking in terms of style of play and such?

I do look at those things closely. I do want to get up and down the court, but I also want a structure to be there too. Just being a part of exciting basketball that plays well. That's what I want.

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