Q&A WIth Amile Jefferson

One of the top players in the class of 2012 spoke to TDD about his recruiting process and where the Blue Devils fit.

Being a Duke recruit, what's the experience like for you playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium?

Amile Jefferson It's the tradition behind the gym, really. You see it on television, and it's just beautiful and there's a lot of history in this place. I think it's great that they didn't try to get a new gym. The history is just so beautiful and for me to be able to say that I played on this floor where so many great players have played before, that's just beautiful.

Speaking of playing, does it take the pressure playing alongside another wing like Savon Goodman?

It's really great playing alongside Savon. He's really athletic, so he makes my job easier and he rebounds very well. He just plays hard everytime he's on the court. Guys can't just focus on me or double me because of him. Also, with his athleticism, you can send it up top and he can go get it, it's just great playing with him.

Being in Big East country, do you feel a natural pull towards that style of play?

One thing that I love about my game is my versatility. To play in the Big East, I'd have to get a lot stronger because those guys are really physical, but me personally I feel like my game can fit into any style and I feel like with my versatility and play the way somebody else wants me to play.

Do you prefer playing with really explosive scoring guards who take the attention off other teammates or do you prefer the more "set it up" kind of point guards?

Right now I play with a guy who is a true point guard. He's old school, but we also just picked up another point guard who's the exact opposite. He can get up and down the court, he's explosive, he can finish around the rim and you know, I like playing with both guys, they both bring something unique to the table.

How would you characterize Duke's interest level in you over the past couple of months?

I would say that they have stayed consistent because I'm not really all that involved with my recruiting yet. That's something my dad and my coach handle, so the only time I really hear about recruiting is if a college coach asks my coach to make sure that Amile hears this. I'm really into school right now, focusing on grades, and I'm not really into the whole recruiting thing right now.

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