NBAPA: Kaleb Tarczewski Q&A

It's early but the top prospects and targets from the class of 2012 are already appearing on the recruiting radar. One such player is Southborough (Mass.) St. Mark's School standout Kaleb Tarczewski. At the annual NBA camp the seven footer spoke with TDD.

What is your level of interest in Duke given their recent prioritization of your AAU teammate, Alex Murphy?

Kaleb Tarczewski: Everyone always tells him that Duke is a place that would fit his playing style and has a lot of benefit. We've goofed around talking about possibly going to the same college, and, you know, Duke is one of the best balances between academics and athletics. It's just one of the best schools in the country, so yeah, it's definitely something that I've thought seriously about.

Have you spoken to Duke since June 15th?

I've talked to Coach K already during the contact period. He called me the first day that he could make a recruiting call to me.

Most likely Duke wasn't the only team calling you on that day…

Georgetown, Virginia, Duke, Wake Forest, Providence, Arizona, Indiana, West Virginia, and there were a few others.

Did anyone offer?

Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, Georgetown, Providence, Boston College, Georgia Tech, and Kansas called too. I was there for their Elite Camp and Jayhawk Classic, I was there and the coaching staff actually offered me there.

Are you doing any other camps this summer or is it just travel team stuff for you?

I am traveling a lot, but I think I'm going to do Boston College's camp ust because it's so close, and possibly in August I'm going down to Florida.

As a big man, how do you go about comparing the different schools that are recruiting you? A lot of them use their bigs in a different way. How do you see yourself fitting in at the various programs? What are you most comfortable with?

I haven't figured that out yet to be honest. A school like Duke, they run their big men a lot. Kansas more likes their bigs on the block. Basketball wise, I haven't found out what my game is as of yet.

How do you feel about playing alongside other bigs? Is that a positive or negative for you?

I've played before alongside other bigs. Obviously it'd be nice to be featured, but having another big to play alongside you definitely does help, it can take the pressure off.

As a big here at camp, what are you taking away from the workouts you're going through at camp?

Seems like a lot of camps really work more with the wings and guards than post players. But here at this camp, when I do get the ball, I'm matched up against a lot of talented bigs here, so I try to show what I can do, go to work on the block, rebounding, running the floor. Because if you run the floor at these camps, you usually get the ball, which is great. It's teaching me a lot about how to be aggressive as a player.

Have you taken advantage of the NBA Players and the coaches that are here, and what they are teaching you?

I've done drills with them, I've talked with a coach who used to be with the Lakers, I've done some one on one stuff with him, I am taking advantage of the opportunities to get better.

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