NBAPA: Anthony Davis Q&A

It happens every year. A virtual unknown shoots up the charts and becomes the next big thing on the recruiting trail. In the class of 2011 it's Illinois' Anthony Davis who spoke with TDD at the NBA Top 100 Camp.

What's the experience been like for you as a big here at NBA Camp, Anthony?

Anthony Davis: It's been nice. I've got teammates who have really tried to get their big men involved, work inside out, work us on pick and rolls. It's been great. Everybody has had a real championship mindset on our team. Nobody has been playing selfishly; we're helping each other, looking to get each other touches.

What's have you learned from the NBA guys who are coaching you?

They've taught me to work on my shot a lot. How to hold my wrist down, to touch the rim, and a lot of post moves. Since I'm smaller weight wise, they've been teaching me some face up moves. I've been learning how to take different style of big men off the dribble.

A lot of people seem to regard you as a power forward, but yet watching you since Boo Williams in April, you seem to handle the ball on the perimeter---to you, what's the best way to describe your game?

I consider myself a power forward because of my height, but skill wise I'm more like a three-four.

You've had a massive growth spurt over the past year to 2 years—coming from guard size to now you're power forward/center size, at least in height, what's the adjustment like for you?

It's been kind of easy for me to be honest. Since I was a guard I could always dribble and shoot, my skills have stuck with me. It's been easier for me matching up against other big men because I can take them off the dribble, get an open shot.

Do you watch guys in the pros or college to incorporate into your game?

Yeah, I watch a lot of Kevin Durant, because he can shoot, he can take guys off the dribble, he can post guys up, I try to watch a lot of him. The way he steps through the man, the way he recovers real quick on a shot, how he swings the ball, stuff like that.

When you go to college, do you want to be used like a Kevin Durant, or do you want to be more a face-up 4?

Probably more a three than anything, but I'm ok with going to the four. Kind of like what Lamar Odom does with the Lakers, both him and Durant will go inside out, do different things, be versatile, take guys off the dribble.

What's the experience like for you coming out of this spring having really blown up onto the national radar? How are you handling that?

It's been a great experience, a lot of college coaches have been calling, so it's been overwhelming at times, it's been great getting my name out there, it's been great, it just gets hard sometimes because a lot of coaches want to call a lot and talk to you.

Who's making a real consistent effort to stay in contact with you and vice versa?

Oh, Ohio State for sure. Duke and North Carolina had called, but they called my dad.

What are Duke and UNC saying to your dad?

I'm not sure to be honest, they want to offer me a scholarship possibly after July, and I know North Carolina said they needed a big man who can stretch the defense, kinda be a four, but play out on the perimeter too, take my man off the dribble. Both Duke and UNC said they wanted to see me more this summer.

How do you feel about the big ticket schools that are getting involved now versus schools that may have been there a lot longer in your recruitment, are you partial to the earlier schools?

I'm still open, I want to go to a school where I can get a full scholarship so my parents don't have to pay, I'm just trying to find a good fit for myself and get an education.

What's your perception in terms of schools that really use their wings and 4's in a good way in your mind?

Ohio State for example, they love to run, to me. Michigan State, they do the same.

Your list showed a wide variety of schools, including schools like Memphis and Kentucky, who both have brought in really big classes the last season or two, what's your thoughts on that kind of situation for you as a recruit of those schools?

You know, if they are bringing in a lot of top players in one class, it might be hard because there may be some guys who are just trying to get theirs. I'm trying to go to a school where things are going to be competitive.

It sounds like you want more of a program where the guys in the program are staggered, where you've got a mix of upperclassmen and new guys coming in. Is that a fair assessment?

Yes sir, that's correct.

You've been mentioning Ohio State frequently. Is it fair to say that they are considered by you to be a leader in your recruitment?

Oh yes sir, Ohio State is for sure one of the top schools on my list, I'm planning on taking my visit down there when I go to LeBron in July, they are a key factor in my recruitment. Shannon Scott committed there and I've been talking with him, he loves Ohio State, but I'm not sure yet 100% as of yet, but things are looking good there.

What's going to narrow things down for you, what's the most important factors for you in terms of your decision?

A fastbreak team, that's for sure. Amd they must have my major, which is Sports Management. They have to have a good basketball program.

When you say Sports Management, do you want to be a sports agent, or are you interested in going into a front office or something like that?

I really would like to be an agent.

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