NBAPA: Gbinije Talks Duke

When he committed to Duke earlier this year, many weren't sure what kind of player Michael Gbinije was. Nor what kind of player he would be. As 2010 has moved along, however, it appears as though the Duke coaching staff is getting a high major scoring threat. TDD spoke with the future Blue Devil at NBA Camp.

TDD: Team USA Camp Mike, what was the experience like for you?

Michael Gbinije: It was good, it was really competitive, everybody was really good there, there were no pushovers there, but some really elite guys.

Who did you match with at the camp?

Different guys, really. It was really competitive.

How did you get better at camp while there?

It showed me a lot about what I need to work on, but also what I do well. Pretty much it was just a great learning experience.

You're more aggressive at this stage of the summer. Is that a concerted effort on your part?

It's a mixture of several things. I can hit jumpers any day. The Duke staff has pretty much told me to keep up my aggressiveness, go hard every day and just work on my game every single day.

How does Duke see you playing in their system?

It's going to be a little bit of everything. They are going to use me several ways, probably both the two and three, let me be a mismatch.

Is Duke asking you to recruit other guys that are at the different events?

To be honest, I kinda do that on my own already. At USA, I talked to Quincy and Austin a little bit.

What do you say to them?

Well, we just won the National Championship, so I try to tell them about that, but they are elite players and they have a lot of people coming at them. It can be annoying sometimes, so I try not to push and be in their ear all the time.

How do they respond to what you?

They agree with me. Both of them think it's nice, they pretty much don't want a lot of information known out there in terms of what they are thinking, so I try to respect that.

Is it hard for you being a really good player knowing that Duke is recruiting other good players who could be in the program and maybe at the same position with you?

That's a good thing to me, the way Duke plays, it's all team ball. When you see Coach K coaching the Olympic team with all those NBA players and he can lead them to win, then to me, anything can work, the more talented players we have the better.

Does Coach K talk with you about the Olympic experience?

He talked with me awhile ago about that, but yeah, he told me about different things that he learned from guys like LeBron and Kobe and others. Just little things.

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