NBAPA: Amile Jefferson Q&A

One player who appeared on the 2012 radar and has remained there since the beginning is Pennsylvania forward Amile Jefferson. At the annual NBA Top 100 Camp the talented rising junior spoke to TDD.

You've been one of the most vocal players in camp this week. What made you feel comfortable to do that with players who are somewhat new to you?

Amile Jefferson: I've always been a guy who doesn't mind to speak to his teammates. Being vocal also helps me get into the flow of the game and it also helps me be a leader to my teammates. Whether we are doing good, or having a rough go of it as a team, it's a positive thing for us to try and be a leader and make sure I let guys know what's going on.

What are you learning from the NBA guys and what will you be taking away from this camp?

First and foremost, it's an honor to work with the NBA guys and I want to get as much as I can out of it. I've been learning from my coaches about how fast the game is at the next level, it's so important to make quick decision as fast speeds, how each possession really counts. Some of the players who are rising seniors, I've learned a lot from them too.

As a recruit who has an opportunity to go to college and maybe one day play in the NBA, what is the experience like for you with the seminars they are doing with you with former pro players speaking to you guys?

That was just an amazing attribute that this camp has that no other camp has. So when I go into these sessions I try to learn as much as I can. What they are teaching us in those sessions is life lessons. The speakers have gone through some crazy tragedies and are coming out on top in life, so I try to learn from that, because I'm going to face adversity in life and I want to make it through those times.

How did June 15th go for you with the phone calls? Was it overwhelming?

Somewhat, but my dad took most of the calls. They started early in the morning and I had actually forgotten that it was the date that coaches could start calling me. My dad forgot too, I had a great positive mindset with it. The first call that came in was from Wake Forest and I was excited to hear from a coach, and it was great to be able to talk with someone.

Who specifically called you that day?

Florida State, Ohio State, Penn State, Villanova, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Georgetown, Penn, Temple, Stanford, LaSalle, Texas.

Who offered scholarships?

Most of those schools had already offered me that I mentioned, but some schools called me to tell me that they were going to be taking a look at me and that was great. Like Ohio State called, I didn't even know they were looking at me, but I had a great conversation with the coach there.

Did you have a call that was like, "wow, I can't believe that I just had that call"?

My coach me told me that UNC called him to express some interest, so that was interesting to know and a school like Ohio State, that was nice knowing they were interested as well because they have a great program and they have guys like Evan Turner, big guys who handle the ball, shoot the three and also post, I really like that.

You've been mentioned as a Duke recruit before, did they not call on June 15th?

I'm not even sure, they may have called my dad, but I'm not sure.

When we talked last time you indicated Duke was just holding steady with you in terms of contact, is it still the same?

I haven't had much contact from Duke, they came up to my school awhile ago, but since then I haven't heard much from them.

Is it difficult for you with schools that you may have had interest from them last year but don't have it as much this year?

Oh no, not really. I know how this thing works and one day you're up there and then the next day it's different. I understand that things change with schools and who they like and don't like and I understand how the process works, doesn't bother me at all.

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