Third Plumlee Nearing A Decision?

Marshall Plumlee is nearing a decision. A four star center and Scout's 40th best player in the class of 2011, Plumlee spoke to TDD at the Adidas Invitational about his recruitment and his upcoming decision.

The Indiana Elite big man and Christ School has a final three of Duke, North Carolina and Virginia and is nearing a decision.

"(I have) no real timetable," Plumlee said of his decision. "It could be the end of today, could be a couple months from here. I just feel like its going to be in the near future."

So what sticks out about the top three on Plumlee's list? While all three play in the ACC, it isn't the conference that necessarily made the difference in Marshall's final list. "I think it is coincidence it ended up like that," Plumlee said. "The ACC is a great conference but with these schools in particular I feel like they have what I need to become the best player I can be."

What did help Marshall dwindle his list is the kind of fit he is looking for in a school.

"Really the biggest thing is what's best for me," Marshall said. "There is a lot of pressures from different people with different agendas but in the end I just want whatever the best situation is for me and probably go somewhere enjoy myself for four years."

In the mean time, Marshall is beginning July and the live evaluation period by attempting to show his final schools what he has improved on. Coaches from all three schools were spotted watching Plumlee at the Adidas Invitational with Coach K and assistant Chris Collins present in the stands.

"It's been great. At this point I'm not really trying to pick up any more offers or get any more exposure," Plumlee said. "It's just a matter of the schools that are recruiting me to show them what I am capable of and preparing to go to college.

Ultimately, Marshall will seek a school that will help him improve his game.

"I want to go someplace where I'm going to pushed to become better because I need a lot of work," Plumlee said. "I think I know what I need to work on but there's some things I need people to show me. I need the right instruction. I'm looking for that wherever I can get.

The decision will ultimately be up to Marshall but his older brothers, and Duke big men, Miles and Mason Plumlee are giving Marshall advice on the process.

"They're giving me their honest opinion to what they think is best for me whether that's Duke or any other school," Marshall said. "In the end they are going to be happy with whatever decision I make and they just whatever is best for me."

Marshall is also taking learning from his brothers' recruitment and connecting it with his recruitment.

"A lot of it I've learned by example. Watching them go through it," Plumlee said. "Recently I have been talking to them a lot more about the (end product) and figuring it out. Exactly what I should be looking for come decision time."

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