Checking In With Kyler Brown

A few weeks ago the Blue Devils got good news when in-state prospect Kyler Brown verbally committed to Duke. Since that time Brown has had time to reflect on the process and his pending move to Durham following his senior season.

"The day after I got back from visiting Duke I sat down and made my decision to go to Duke," said Kyler Brown. "I love the coaches at Duke. I love all the players, the academics, and the chance to be able to play with my brother. All of this helped me decide to become a Blue Devil."

After making the decision he made the requisite calls to the other programs before letting head coach David Cutcliffe and assistant coach Marion Hobby in on the news.

"I first called and spoke to Coach Cutcliffe and then Coach Hobby. I told them I wanted to commit. Both of them told me it was a great decision and brought a smile to their face."

At 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds with 4.8 forty speed, Brown has been recruited to play outside linebacker as Duke moves to a 3-4 defense. Because of that he knows what needs to be worked on.

"I need to work on my coverage skills at this point. I've been doing that in our seven on seven leagues."

Having watched his brother go through the recruiting process as well as several of his friends and teammates, Brown knows there is always the chance that other schools will continue to recruit him and make their various pitches. However those efforts would appear to be without reward.

"I'd say I'm finished with recruiting. It's behind me and it's time for me to work out and get ready for my senior season. I'm excited that I am going to be able to play college football at Duke with my brother and new teammates. I am relieved to have all the pressure of the recruiting process behind me and am really looking forward to my final season."

And speaking of his elder brother, former three star OLB Kelby Brown, how much influence was there for the younger Brown to join forces at Duke?

"With my brother going there already it gave me even more chances to visit the campus and see the school. It helped me get a really good feeling of everything at Duke and what the program was about."

Before he makes it up to Durham in just under 11 months, however, there is the matter of a final year at Charlotte Christian where expectations are as high as ever.

"So far from what I have seen, we're going to be good. We've got a ton of great athletes that can make plays, so we're looking for a state championship like everyone else is. Individually my gouls would be to make all conference and all state along with my other teammates."

Brown chose Duke over offers from Illinois, East Carolina, and Oregon.

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