Patrick Remains Solid With Duke

He committed to Duke on May 1st. And since that time one of Tennessee's best offensive linemen has focused mainly on his upcoming senior season and preparing to head to Durham next summer.

"Since I committed, many schools have stopped contacting me," said Brentwood (Tenn.) High standout Lucas Patrick. But three schools have continued to recruit me - Kansas, Arkansas, and Cincinnati. "

Continuing interest despite commitments is a common practice in the world of high major recruiting and with the premium placed on offensive line products, it's understandable that programs would continue to recruit Patrick. At 6-foot-3 and 285 pounds he's considered among the top 50 guards in the country and turned down scholarship offers from half a dozen schools to become a Blue Devil. Still there interest is there from the runners up.

"Mainly the other coaches don't disrespect my decision [to commit to Duke] because they know I am 100% Blue Devil and don't really wish to change that. The Duke coaches know that as well. The other coaches just try and convey their interest in me."

The recruiting process can be a grind for some prospects with the daunting task of answering all the phone calls and attempting to make all the required visits. However, Patrick says he enjoyed the experience…even the somewhat awkward times.

"I know next summer will be so busy, and I really did have a great time this year. I took quite a few visits to difference schools. The best part about the process was getting to know the players on a personal level and being able to see things about a couple of a programs that are limited to the public."

And what was the oddest recruiting approach he saw?

"Mainly there was this one coach who would call me and talk about how hot my coach's wife is. It was probably the most awkward thing to respond to, but I just said "yes sir", and kept talking."

Odd recruiting approaches aside, the Tennessee native says he's looking forward to his senior season and credits a summer workout program with his improvement.

"I'd say the biggest difference is the confidence I have in my abilities."

Patrick is considered a three star prospect by

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