Coach Barton's Latest on College Chalktalk

Duquesne Associate Head Coach Bill Barton shares his latest thoughts on the upcoming season at College Chalktalk.

Link: College Chalktalk's 2008-09 Coaches' Diary Series Bill Barton: Duquesne University (Entry No. 2)
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Some excerpts:

    As an assistant, I look at it (prepared) from this perspective: if my coach thinks that we're not ready, and our opponent's coach thinks his team isn't ready, then we are both equally prepared and we might as well play.

    Now for the wildcard in our preparation: not only do we have eight freshmen, but we also have one scholarship upperclassman. Those two things make us the youngest team in the country.

    Aaron Jackson, our senior point guard and three-year veteran, talks to the freshman everyday about the need to be prepared. He tells them it will be more physical than they can imagine. Our two sophomore forwards, Damian Saunders and Billy Clark, ....

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