More on Dukes' Last Minute Win

Duquesne doesn't see Big Ten teams that often and has rarely been the favorite. But that was the situation Tuesday night when the Dukes took on the Hawkeyes in a preliminary game of the CBE Classic. According to, the Dukes were favored by 1.5 points. More on the game .... with notes and quotes

Duquesne's play in the first half pretty much fit what Dukes' fans had anticipated. The game would be close but eventually DU would provide some separation. And a charge in the second half by Iowa had to be expected. What was a surprise was Duquesne's poor shooting after the break.

Sophomore B.J. Monteiro, who got the starting nod in place of the injured Melquan Bolding, closed out a fastbreak started off Damian Saunders' steal with a layup to give Duquesne a 9-8 lead, with 14:32 on the clock.

Five minutes later, Anthony Tucker slid down the right lane for a layup, Iowa up, 17-16. Saunders' seven straight points started the Dukes' 17-3 run that returned the lead to the visitors, 21-19 at 4:05, and ended with the score 33-22 with 20 seconds left.

Monteiro's errant hand caught enough of Matt Gatens' 3-point shot attempt from the wing, that Gatens went to line with one second remaining and swished three straight for the 33-25 halftime score.

The Hawkeyes second half defense and rebounding was bigger, more determined, and took up more space. The Dukes had the edge on the boards, 20-14, in the first 20 minutes; Iowa 24-22 in the second half (DU 42-38 overall).

Iowa's offensive rebound set up a give-and-go at the foul line finished by Aaron Fuller's dunk which cut the lead to 36-30, 17:31 on the clock.

Tucker's pair of three-point plays twice got the margin to five, first at 41-36 (trey) with 13:41 remaining, and then 44-39 (and one) at 9:10. Brennan Cougill's putback made it 44-41 (+3) with 7:07 on the clock. Saunders putback of Evans's missed layup made it 46-41 (+5). Jarryd Cole's free throw (1-2) and layup cut Duquesne's lead to 46-44 (+2), 4:04 to go.

Gatens trey as the shot clock was expiring gave the Hawkeyes their first second half lead, 47-46 (-1).

Jason Duty's first points of the game, a trey from the right of the key, put Duquesne ahead, 49-47 (+2), with 1:33 on the clock. Cougill's traditional three-point play put the Hawkeyes back on top, 50-49, with 44 seconds to go.

Coach Ron Everhart called a timeout with 36 seconds on the game clock, 30 on the shot clock. That set up Clark's heroics and Monteiro's insurance policy redemption.

Quotes (link)

Duquesne Coach Ron Everhart

"From my coaching philosophy, as ugly as it was offensively for us, I'd like to hope we could do a little better job. We have to take a look at Iowa's defense and really give them credit. I thought Todd (Lickliter) really kept guys fresh. (Brennan) Cougill played some real important minutes and did a great job, especially on the stick back late. When (Jarryd) Cole came back late, he was fresh and bouncy and got (Damian) Saunders fouled out right at the wrong time for us.

"It's a great win for us to be able to come on the road and gut one out like this. I know one thing for sure, we can walk out of here knowing that we're going to be a lot better prepared, having played against this defense, for the Atlantic 10 than we would have been had we not played this game."

Iowa Coach Todd Lichkliter

"I told you Sunday that Duquesne is really good, I wasn't lying to you, they are really good. They are a team that played in the post season last year; they are a team that really tested us.

I told the team before we played 'what if we do that again, we shot so poorly the other day, are we just going to say well we didn't shoot it well and use that excuse for it? Or are we going to make every hustle play and give ourselves a chance?' And we did, we won so many hustle plays today.

Give Duquesne credit they made two big threes. When they had to have them Duty and Clark made two big ones and we were guarding both of them. But sometimes that is what happens."


  • The win was the Dukes first-ever in a Big Ten arena (1-9)
  • Free throw shooting was little help to the Dukes. Made just one attempt each half; shot twice in the first, seven times in the second, 22.2 percent accuracy rate (2-9). Iowa was 8-of-15 (53.3%)
  • Duquesne was whistled for 20 fouls to 12 for Iowa.
  • B.J. Monteiro was a starter at the beginning of the 2008-09 season, and made five tips overall. He eventually gave way to Melquan Bolding, who started the other 29. Monteiro replaced the injured Bolding tonight.
  • This was Monteiro's first action of the season. He was suspended for the exhibition game and the Nicholls State opener because of off-field activities.
  • Bolding had successful surgery to insert a screw in his right wrist Tuesday in Pittsburgh. He is expected to miss 4-6 weeks, i.e. mid-December through New Year's Eve.
  • Freshman Andre Marhold, with Saunders and Monteiro both in foul trouble, saw 15 minutes of action. He had two rebounds and a block. Three other subs played a combined eight minutes.
  • Bill Clark drove for a layup that would returned the lead to DU after Gatens' trey made it 47-46 Iowa. Clark was called for an offensive foul though it appeared the "secondary" defender was under the basket, i.e., in the NBA arc (if one was on the court). An AP story on rules changes last week, quoted the NCAA's basketball officiating coordinator, "Referees will call fouls on secondary defenders who make contact with a shooter while standing directly under the rim."
  • All of DU's 52 points were scored by starters, the fourth fewest by a Ron Everhart-coached team. Duquesne is 2-19 under Everhart when scoring fewer than 70 points.
  • The Dukes shot 51.9% in first half (14-27). DU was at 28.6% (4-14) nine minutes into the second half and finished the period 28.9% (7-26) for a game average of 39.6 percent (21-53). The Dukes were an identical 4-of-11 from beyond the arc each half.
  • Duquesne was held without a point for 6:19 of the second half from Eric Evans' layup at 11:45 to Saunders' bunny at 5:26.
  • The Iowa recap credits the winning shot to Saunders. The box score has the correct information.