What Now?

As was expected by most, Miami has accepted the Atlantic Coast Conference's offer to join the league along with Virginia Tech. Now the conference dominoes will begin falling up and down the East Coast. Just how will it all affect East Carolina and its athletic program are unknown, but the upside seems to outweigh the downside.

If the Big East plans on salvaging its crumbling empire then it seems logical that it makes a play for the geographically logical members of Conference USA. Of course Louisville would be the strongest choice there followed closely by East Carolina and Cincinnati.

What is not clear is whether or not Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese and his ailing league are politically strong enough to pull off a rebuilding scenario. Many in the press are speculating that Conference USA is actually in a stronger position to go after Big East members than vice versa. Now, as to that ECU to ACC question, well that does make for fun reading doesn't it?

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