Furr's Return to Chapel Hill

Hunter Furr, a current running back for the Pirates knows the Tar Heels on a more personal level than other players on the team. Furr transferred to ECU from UNC in the fall of 2011 and had to sit last season out due to NCAA transfer rules. I had a chance to catch up with Hunter after practice Wednesday to ask him a few questions about this weekend's matchup.

Transferring last year, you had to sit out. What was that like for you?

"It wasn't fun sitting out at all, but I got to lift every day with Coach Connors and help the team by playing on the scout team and giving them looks so it wasn't that bad but its feels really good to be out here playing now."

You're wearing different colors now, and you have to go back to UNC to play against your old teammates for the first time. What's that going to be like for you? What do you expect from it?

"You know, I've honestly been treating it like it was any other game during my preparation this week. I know that there is going to be a little bit of emotions involved because I had a good time there, but I'm here now and that's what is most important."

What has been the biggest difference for you coming from UNC?

"The main thing I have seen so far is fan base. The stands at the games are always holding the same amount; the Pirate fans are so passionate about football. I've been out in public a few times where if people see I play for the football team they always have something nice to say, they're all just really passionate about the whole game."

So what has this week been like at practice? Is everyone ready for the game?

"Definitely, Coach has been talking to us a lot getting us pumped up. I think we had a really good practice on Tuesday; we started a little bit slow today (Wednesday) but I think we came back as an offense and finished really strong today."

Final Thoughts

Furr is what I like to call a "bruiser back". Being 6 foot 230 lbs the Pirates mainly use him as a short yardage specialist. Hunter ranks as one of the top athletes in ECU's strength and conditioning program and currently holds the all-time position (running back) record for a lift in the power clean of 374 lbs. There is no doubt that Furr adds a new facet to ECU's running game that they would have to deal with if he had stayed as UNC. I'm sure that the Pirates are happy to have Hunter as a part of their team and will be ready to support him throughout this emotional game. This weekend will be an exciting game to watch and this is just one of the many story lines it has to offer. Be sure to check out the East Carolina Pirates take on the Tar Heels of UNC this weekend at 3:30 p.m. The game will be broadcasted on ESPNU.

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