Time to get serious.

Hello Boneheads. It's August and preseason football practice is underway in Greenville. In other words, time for me to end my self imposed sabbatical from the editorial pages of Crossbones.

Most of you are well aware of our trials and tribulations with the Rivals network back in May, so I will not revisit that at this time. Just suffice it to say that we are still here, albeit in a leaner, meaner form. We are thrilled to be a part of the Citadel group and Vulcan Interactive along with their investors that include Bernie Kosar.

Now, let's get back to the issues at hand. Do not mistake my editorial absence as meaning I have been negligent in staying abreast of the various issues surrounding Pirate athletics. Many, including the silly statements by Chucky Amato are not worth expounding on, especially since the subject has been discussed to death on various message boards.

As I knew would be the case, the game in Chapel Hill has dominated preseason football discussions around here. To East Carolina fans, that game is the focal point of the 2001 season. Unfortunately, come October 6th, the UNC Tar Heels will likely have a losing record and a Pirate win will ring hollow. By contrast, ECU should swagger into Chapel Hill undefeated.

It's good to see that East Carolina has finally filled the void in the Media Relations department with Craig Wells, most recently a product manager at the now defunct sports web network, Total Sports. There he oversaw the production of several official collegiate athletic web sites for NCAA Division I institutions.

Prior to his appointment at Total Sports, Wells spent one year as Sports Information Director at Western Carolina University and seven years as Assistant Sports Information Director at his alma mater.

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