Recruit Spotlight: Kirk Donaldson

Chase Kroll caught up with ECU football commit Kirk Donaldson (DE/OLB).

Kirk Donaldson just wrapped up his senior year at Vance High School after transferring from Davidson Day. The 6'3", 250-pound defensive end and outside linebacker is eager to begin playing at the next level.

Chase Kroll: So the Shrine Bowl was yesterday, tell me about how you think you played and what the competition was like?

Kirk Donaldson: The competition was pretty good and I played pretty well. I played tight end most of the game and [not a lot] of defensive end or outside linebacker, so it was different. I think I played pretty good at tight end and blocked well.

CK: Looking back, how would you describe your senior year? What were your goals going in and what were you able to accomplish?

KD: My goal was just to stop the run. I didn't want anybody to be able to run at my side, and pretty much nobody ran to my side my senior year.

CK: Now that your high school football career is over, what are some things you're looking forward to in your upcoming future?

KD: I'm just looking forward to playing outside linebacker mostly. I played it towards the end of my (senior) season, against Mallard Creek and the other mainly running-based teams. I didn't get to play outside linebacker (often), like I'm going to be in college. I'm just excited to go out there and play.

CK: Take me through your recruiting process, and what made you choose ECU?

KD: They (ECU) showed me the most love out of all the schools that gave me offers. They didn't just give the offer- the coaches actually came to my school. Coach Kirkpatrick came, then Coach Price came, and then Defensive Coordinator Brian Mitchell came. They made it seem like they really wanted me, so I might as well go somewhere where I'm loved.

Ruffin McNeill is a very good coach and my coach at Davidson Day went to ECU. He said he is a very good guy and he is very family-oriented.

CK: Was there any specific coach/player that played a big role in your recruitment?

KD: I would say Coach Kirkpatrick. He gave me all of my information.

CK: What are some things you are looking forward to on your official visit to ECU?

KD: I will be taking my visit in January. My mentor used to go to Vance and he goes to ECU now. They tell me things about the school and what they do there. But I'm excited to see the school for myself and see what the people are like there.

CK: What are some things you like about ECU's defense and what do you feel you bring to the team?

KD: The defense is basically the same defense I ran in high school, a 3-4. So I feel like I will be doing most of the same things I did in high school, even if its called something different (different terminology).

They want me to blitz, they want to put me on the blitzing side and that's basically what I did at Outside Linebacker at Vance. I bring somebody who is going to stop the run no matter what.

CK: What is the recruitment process like now that you've committed? Are there any schools trying to sway you and, if so, how firm is your commitment to ECU?

KD: I mean there are some schools trying to get me, but I'm going to ECU. That's not going to change.

CK: What are your thoughts on ECU moving to the Big East?

KD: I'm excited for the school. Its more money for (ECU) and we get more publicity. Better competition I guess you would say, so I'm excited.

Quick Hits:

Favorite class: History

Favorite movie: The New Batman that just came out

CK: If you could play any position, what would it be?

KD: I think I would say Quarterback. I don't know why, I just have a fascination with playing quarterback.

CK: What are you asking for, for Christmas?

KD: I just want to be around my mom. I just want to see my mom for Christmas. That's it really.

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