Catching Up With Carden

Inside ECU Sports had a chance to catch up with East Carolina starting quarterback Shane Carden after a player workout to talk about the off season; here's what he had to say.

Q & A Interview Transcript

This is your first off-season as a starter for this program; how's it been? Describe it for me?

"It's been great; that first Sunday night we got back you could tell everyone was juiced up just to be back at it. Monday lifts were great; we've had two great weeks of lifting with Connors. The throwing has really stepped up a notch this week; we've had a lot of one on ones with the defense. Pretty soon we'll move into our 7 on 7's with the defense as they are still learning from our new defensive coordinator, but so far it's been a lot of great work."

Last season ended with a disappointing bowl loss to ULL. What feeling did that game cast on this team?

"We're really hungry; that loss didn't sit well with me for a while, it still doesn't. The whole break from school I couldn't even watch other bowl games. This team is fired up after that game; there's a different attitude in the weight room and out here on the field. You can tell everyone is excited to work and is excited for this upcoming season."

With signing day coming to a close the team signed one player from your home state of Texas; tell me about the talent down there?

"There's always some talent in Houston; I heard we signed Isaiah Jones, whose brother plays football at University of Texas. I know him through a few people and have heard a lot of good things; I haven't had the opportunity to meet him yet but he'll be up here in the summer so it'll be great to finally meet him. We've kind of talked through a few people, I know he's a great receiver and I am looking forward to start working with him."

I've caught wind of this new nickname you have on the team; Agent 5? What's the story behind this?

"To be honest your guess is as good as mine; I've heard it from a few people recently and have no idea where it came from. I just take it for what it is, nicknames are fun."

Final Thoughts

In 2012 Shane Carden took over the starting role at quarterback for the Pirates after a loss to South Carolina in the third game of the season. When he got his chance, Carden took the reins of this team and ran with it, leading the Pirates to their first winning season under Coach Ruffin McNeill. The 2013 signing class features new weapons that should add even more scoring ability to this offense next season. Now Shane begins his first off-season as a starter and can focus his attention on the home-opener against Old Dominion Aug. 31. This will be the last season that ECU will compete in Conference USA as they will join the Big East in 2014. After speaking with Shane it's apparent this team plans to close their C-USA career with a bang; spring drills start on March 18.

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