2014 recruit: Maurice Trowell

Southern high school (Durham, NC) wide-receiver Maurice Trowell has been picking up more interest after his junior season. Inside ECU Sports had a chance to talk with him about his offer from East Carolina.

Maurice Trowell, WR, 6-0, 175 lbs, Southern High School, Durham NC

Interview transcript

Which coach contacted you with your offer? What kind of feel did they give you about the program?

"(Outside Receivers) Coach David Nichol gave me my offer," Trowell said. "He told me ECU is a great place to play for receivers especially since they throw the ball a lot."

What did you know about ECU before you received your offer?

"I went to the first game Appalachian State and really enjoyed my time while I was there; I had heard things from Coach Nichol about the school before I got my offer."

Have you done any research? Figured out anything new since receiving your offer?

"Not too much, although I have been checking up on recruits, it looks like they have a lot of young talent coming there."

Have you had a chance to visit yet?

"I had a chance to visit with a group of recruits earlier this year," Trowell said. "I got to see the all of the football facilities, dorms and went all over campus; I enjoyed it a lot."

How did your season end up at Southern?

"We lost in the first round of the playoffs; I was injured and didn't get to play, that was the only game I missed this season."

What are you working to improve on this off-season? Any camps or combines?

"Route running and I am working to become a complete wide receiver. I'm going to the Nike football combine this weekend March 23rd-24th."

Are there any NFL receivers you look up to and try to model your game after?

"I'd say Percy Harvin and Victor Cruz," Trowell said. "The speed and versatility they bring to the game is amazing to watch and I'm trying to get to that level one day."

Where does ECU rank in your list of offers so far?

"Right now they're right at the top of my list; I still have to visit Appalachian State soon but ECU is still leading the way for me."

When do you anticipate making your decision?

"I'll probably end up making an early decision," Trowell said. "I want to go into next season committed so that I can focus on my game."

Final thoughts

Maurice Trowell finished his junior season with 48 receptions for 948 yards and 15 touchdowns, making him a first-team all-conference selection. If he performs at a high level agains next season he should pick up some more offers. If he chooses ECU, the Pirates will have landed themselves a skilled receiver who would fit in their high flying, passing-oriented offense. Trowell also has offers from UNC Charlotte and Appalachian State.

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