2014 recruit: Christian Byrum

Virginia Beach (VA) Tallwood High School defensive-back Christian Byrum has been seeing increased interest from colleges. Inside ECU Sports talked with him about the offer he received from East Carolina.

Christian Byrum, 6-1, 195 lbs, Safety, Tallwood High School, Virginia Beach, VA

Interview transcript

Which coach contacted you with your offer? What did they tell you about school here?

"It was former defensive coordinator Brian Mitchell," Byrum said. "He told me that he liked the film he watched on me and wanted me to come down for the spring game."

What did you know about ECU before you received your offer?

"I knew a little bit about it because my cousin goes there on an academic scholarship. I've been down there to pick him up but haven't had an official visit yet."

Do you plan on visiting anytime soon?

"I'm going to take some time toward the summer or around game time for next season for my official visit," Byrum said. "I'll probably visit unofficially over the summer if I see my cousin."

What do you plan on studying in college?

"I plan on studying sports management, when I talked to Coach Mitchell he said that ECU definitely has that major, I'll just have to look into it more if I end up going there."

You missed the first three games of last season, with an ankle injury, but still finished with 65 tackles, four for loss, seven pass deflections and one interception. What does that recovery tell coaches about you as a player?

"It shows coaches that I can play thorugh an injury," Byrum said. "It proves that I can still perform at a high level because I have the athleticism to recover."

How is that ankle feeling now?

"It doesn't bother me at all; I'm fully recovered and ready to play next season. It's as if it never even happened."

I know you have offers from other schools, and have visited a couple of them. Where have you been?

"I've visited NC State, Old Dominion and Hampton," Byrum said. "I plan on visiting Wisconsin over the summer too and eventually working my way towards ECU."

Out of your offers, what school is as the top of your list right now?

"I'd say the top of the list is State, Old Dominion and Hampton since I've visited all of those. I'll eventually work towards a top three once I visited everywhere, but until them it's hard to say who my leaders are."

What's your dream school? Location, fans, colors, all that? If you could land an offer from anywhere, where would it be?

"I'd have to say Miami," Byrum said. "I've been a fan of them since Pee-wee football it's always been a dream of mine to play there."

What are you doing this off-season to help you build on your game and get more offers this next season?

"I'll be going to camps to learn different techniques from coaches; I'll also be doing a lot speed training and lifting. I plan on scheduling my camps when I get some invites."

Dreams of the NFL one day? Who's a player you look up to in the league?

"Of course I do, I want to finish all four years of college regardless though so I have a back-up plan," Byrum said. "I like Kam Chancellor from the Seahawks, he's a hard-hitting safety who brings a lot of intensity to the game."

Are you going to be a last minute kind of guy or an early decision?

"I plan to be a mid-season kind of guy. It's a big decision that I'll have to take some time to make, but I think by then I should know where I want to go."

Final thoughts

Christian Byrum is a hard-nosed defensive-back with a knack for finding the ball in the open field. His recovery from injury last season speaks volumes about this player's durability moving forward. Expect him to get more offers in the near future, especially after he attends camps and combines this summer. His current offers include NC State, Old Dominion, Hampton, UNC Charlotte, Wisconsin and now ECU. Byrum agreed to give me a call after his official visit to the Pirate Nation.

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