2014 recruit: Jaboree Williams

Fort Lauderdale (FL) linebacker Jaboree Williams is starting to pick up offers left and right after an impressive junior season. Inside ECU Sports spoke with him about his offer from East Carolina earlier this week.

Jaboree' Williams, LB, 6-1, 215 lbs, Ft. Lauderdale High School, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Interview transcript

Which coach contacted you with your offer? What kind of feel did they give you about the program?

"It was (Offensive Line) Coach Brandon Jones, he gave me a feeling that ECU would be a great fit defensively for me," Williams said. "He told me I'd come in and start as a freshman which was flattering to me, especially knowing the talent that has played there. I'm definitely interested in chasing somebody like Chris Johnson out on the field."

Being down there in Florida, how much have you heard about ECU?

"I had heard they were a good school with a strong football program. It also helps that they have my favorite color, purple."

What do you plan on studying in college?

"I plan on becoming an anesthesiologist or a pharmacist one day," Williams said. "I know it will be tough to manage with football but I'm always up for a challenge."

What schools have you visited? Have you been to ECU yet?

"I haven't visited any of my offers yet, but I've been to some local schools down here like UCF, FAU and FIU. This summer is when I plan on making my way out to ECU and my other offer schools.

105 tackles, nine sacks, nine pass deflections, and five interceptions with two returned for touchdowns last season, that's a big time season against top notch Florida talent. Talk about the level of play down there?

"I definitely think it's a great level of play down here, probably the best athletes in the nation," Williams said. "I've played against one of the top receivers in the nation, Stacey Coley, and I take pride in playing against top talent like him."

How did the season turn out at Fort Lauderdale?

"We lost in the District Championship, some players started falling off with injuries and we didn't finish where we wanted. Next year I think we can make the best run in school history if everyone stays healthy."

What is your best asset as a linebacker? What do you need to work on?

"My best skill-set would be my cover skills," Williams said. "I can cover slots receivers or hop on the d-line so I have a lot of versatility. I could work on reaction time, it would help me make an even bigger impact out there on the field."

What are you doing this off-season and what are you working to improve on?

"I recently went to Nike Football Training Combine and will be trying to go to more combines this summer for exposure. Right now I'm working out with the track team to keep my speed up."

Big-time programs want your signature, that's nice, but what would be your dream school?

"My dream school in one that takes me in and loves me for who I am," Williams said. "The educational programs and football will play a huge part but I just want to find that school that feels like home."

What's it going to take to get you interested in ECU more than the rest?

"They invited me to their game against Florida Atlantic, which definitely helps. It'll give me a chance to see what it's like to play for them and show me what kind of talent they already have on the team."

Football is a big portion of your life, but do you have any other interesting hobbies?

"I'm in a high school development leadership program for the National Guard," Williams said. "I like to be a leader and set examples for the kids in my area, I have two little cousins that I love being around."

Signing day is far away, but when would you like to make your decision?

"I think it'll either be before the season starts, in the middle, or right after," Williams said. I plan on leaving school early to early enroll so that I can get to my school, learn the playbook and be ready to start in the fall."

Final thoughts

Jaboree Williams had a huge junior season at the linebacker position and colleges are beginning to extend offers almost daily. He has great closing speed and the ability to turn turnovers into points. Florida is a hotbed for football talent and Williams has proven he can perform against top talent. He'd be a great pickup for ECU to add to their already strong linebacking core. After speaking with him, he seems like a confident young man with his head on straight and a player who will progress at the next level. His offers include Appalachian State, Florida Atlantic, Marshall, Memphis, SMU, South Alabama, Wake Forest and now ECU.

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