Trowell visits the Pirate Nation

Southern High School (Durham, NC) wide-receiver Maurice Trowell made it out to ECU last week to attend a spring practice. Inside ECU Sports had a chance to talk with him about his second time on campus.

Maurice Trowell, WR, 6-0, 175 lbs, Southern High School, Durham NC

Interview transcript

What have you been up to since we last spoke? Any camps or combines?

"I went to Nike Football Training Camp two weeks ago and the Rivals camp yesterday," Trowell said. "There was a lot of good competition out there. I feel like I competed well and got some looks."

How's the visit go?

"It went well," Trowell said. "I got to watch them in a team meeting; I talked to the (Outside Receivers) Coach (David) Nichol again and saw the team in the locker room."

Was this your first official visit?

"I'd say so, last time I visited was with a group of recruits and this time I got more a personal feel and some one-on-one treatment."

Did this visit change your opinion about the school in any way?

"School-wise it didn't change it really, I still have to look into the academics," Trowell said. "It gave me a look into the football aspect I just wanted to see how they looked and they do things at a fast pace."

How'd the spring practice go?

"I got to stand on the sideline and watch them warm up and get after it. There was a lot of fast paced drills going on and I liked what I saw."

What did this visit do for your interest in ECU?

"It helped improve my interest because I got to see how they do things. The coaches do a great job of staying in touch; they call me just about every week."

What is your top school? Do you still plan on being an early decision guy?

"Right now I'd say I don't have a number one," Trowell said. "I'm beginning to second guess my early decision idea since I'm enjoying the process so much, I don't want to jump the gun."

Where do you plan on going next?

"I might go to the spring game this weekend at ECU or the one at Wake Forest, but I'm not sure. I'll be sure to contact you and let you know."

Final thoughts

Maurice Trowell should begin to receive more offers as the off-season progresses and the camps he recently attended could help him pick up more interest. Trowell would be a nice fit for the air raid offense ECU likes to run, but the Pirates will have to wait as this prospect is leaning toward a later decision. His offers include UNC Charlotte, Appalachian State, and ECU.

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