2014 commit: Kyle Erickson

East Carolina got its first commit for the 2014 class over the weekend in Jack Britt (NC) offensive lineman Kyle Erickson. Inside ECU Sports talked with him about his decision.

Kyle Erickson, OL, 6-3, 290 lbs, Jack Britt High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Interview transcript

When exactly did you make the big decision? How did it go down?

"The day I committed was this past Saturday at the spring game," Erickson said. "(Head) Coach (Ruffin) McNeill called me into his office and I told him how much I enjoyed the scrimmage I went to two weeks earlier. I loved the attitude and the home feeling I got when I was there and I told him I could feel myself going there for 4-5 years during that visit. So right then before the game I gave him my verbal commitment, he gave me a big hug and said he was happy to have me."

What went into the decision?

"I wanted to go to a school where football was a big part and that had a great fan base. I went to the Appalachian State game last year, the environment was crazy and I had a great time. I loved the coaches also, Coach Jones (offensive line) is a really nice guy and all the players I met seemed like really good guys, so it was an easy decision."

Being the first commit for the 2014 class, what's that like?

"After I found out I was the first, I felt good about it," Erickson said. "It gave me a sense of pride because of how confident I am with the decision. I know what I want and that's to be a part of the program like this."

What do you plan on studying when you get to ECU?

"I plan on studying history in general education. I know ECU is a very good teaching school so that played a role in my decision. I want to be a history teacher and high school football coach or a graduate assistant and a college football coach one day."

So you went to the Purple-Gold spring game this weekend. How'd that go?

"It was a great environment and was a lot of fun to watch. For a spring game it was pretty good turnout, I saw a lot of people tailgating and it gave me a preview of the game day experience. I got to watch little Noah run his touchdown as well which was a beautiful thing to be a part of."

What played the biggest role in your decision to come to ECU?

"The games blew me away," Erickson said. "I love the environment at the games with the purple haze into and everything it's so interesting. The coaching staff was the close second for me, they didn't hide anything from me and were always straight up so it helped."

When are you going to join the team?

"I plan on coming out for the summer workouts and enrolling in classes so that I can get a sense of feel for the school before the fall."

Do you expect to come out and compete for a starting role?

"I definitely would like to try, but they have talked about red-shirting me when I get there," Erickson said. "When they offered me they said it was probably going to happen which is alright with me. I like the idea, I feel like when you red-shirt you're giving up your first year for your senior year. I look forward to taking the time to get stronger."

What is something interesting about yourself that people wouldn't generally know at first glance?

"I like to write," Erickson said. "I enjoy doing persuasive essays in school, and learning about history. I also enjoy doing research papers which may be a little different."

What's your best asset as a player?

"My best asset would have to be my football IQ. I always make sure I know my assignment and the steps, as well as what the guy next to me is going to be doing on any given play."

What are you working to improve on before you arrive on campus?

"I am trying to get a lot stronger and get in great shape," Erickson said. It's going to be a whole different level and world for me in college. I'm going to study up on the system too so that I'll be comfortable with it when I get out there."

Final thoughts

Kyle Erickson received interest from a multitude of schools including Duke, Clemson, Appalachian State, and South Carolina. His verbal commitment to ECU made him the first for the 2014 class, but he won't be the last. Coach Ruffin McNeill must be excited to have Erickson join the squad with multiple seniors on the line who will be moving on after the 2013-2014 season. Erickson will probably red-shirt his first season, but he'll just get bigger, faster and stronger for when he does get his shot.

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